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Slower than a Freeze Dried Snail

Renegade Knight

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It took just under a year for the Blind Monkey Coins to be ready. By the time I actually drop them in the mail...it will be a full year. I'm not sure there is anyone alive out there that's slower.


So that's this cointests theme. Sometime between now and when the fullness of time comes along I'll finish up the coin for this cointest. I've decided to make an ICE version of the RK Redneck coins before I make this coin. Or maybe I'll make it at the same time.


The date stamp on a post that's closest to the date and time that I finally have a finished coin in hand and check the posts in this thread is the winner. Thread locking posts are disqualified. I doubt it will take me a year, but then I didn't figure I'd take nearly as long as I did the last go round either.


If there are no posts I'll put it on eBay and donate the proceeds to charity. That would be interesting as well since I may have to write eBay a check for the nothing it would be worth and then send the charity some money to make up for the auction.


Keep in mind the coins are ugly plain old washers painted whatever way turns my crank using crappy stencil skills and an unsteady hand to beat a number into the thing using some cheap dies. Some of them I may even run over in my rig to season the washer. Their real purpose is to make fun of all the other geocoins out there. There are 6 in the series so far. 5 of them numbered.


Edit: Tweaked the wording a bit due to some confusion over the date that counts. The reason that it's the posts date and time is because if I had to track the guesses the extra time would slow things down even more. Plus posts are sorted in handy chronological order. Thus I just have to finish the coin and the check. You could say that "last post wins, but that slow lag means I'll be long finished by the time I remember to check...

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OK, so if I read that right???The most recent post listed at the time you check to determine a winner will be the one, unless someone posts after you check, but at a closer time/date than the most recent previous post? Is there an Overbidding rule like on "The Price is Right". The winning post could actually be posted AFTER you have the coin in hand and come to check???

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... and another entry from me...


When I was a kid I collected nearly everything... interesting stones, strange metal objects, rusty nails :) ... A personalized washer (no matter if distressed or happy :anicute: ) would fit nicely into my old collection... :D

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