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Statistics - bend it anyway you like!

Carbon Hunter

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The issue of the accuracy of barometric altimeters in the Garmin has always puzzled me. I use the eTrex Vista HCx. I live in country where the highest point ASL is 120m. Everytime I am at the coast - which is virtually everytime I go out - I will calibrate my altimeter at sea level. What bothers me is that when I check the altitude/elevation of my residence there can be variation of up to 10m at different readings. I find this stange as the correct altitude is only around 30m ASL! Tat means that I can be getting a 35% variance in the accuracy of my altitude at any time.


When I travel to SA there is no way of knowing how accurate my readings are unless I am able to find a KNOWN altitude points where I can calibrate my instrument. To date I have have yet to find a suitable known point in Rustenburg to use.


Any suggestions as to how I can improve the accuracy of my readings will be most welcome. BTW, generally I will have around 12 sattelites "locked on" here and as the Middle East is an area of much military action I am assuming the the readings provided here will be pretty accurate ;-)

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I just had a look at some of the stats. Some of them is just mind boggling. Cacher with the highest find in the world is now at 48953.




You can view this list at…




He also have 610 hides on his name.



I don't want to take anything away from his achievement of having so many finds. Glancing very quickly over some of his stats shows that he has AVERAGED over 100 caches per day consistently over a few months in some cases to get to those figures. Once again I ask the question how that is done? 100 a day means that you need to find 1 cache every 14 minutes! Then to do 1000 in 10 days ....... well, when do you eat, sleep, etc? Statistics are all well and good but sometimes they highlight issues that create more questions than answers. [The example I am using is his 1000 finds between 25 May and 5 June 2009]


Perhaps some of the more astute cachers out there can help those of us who are statistically challenged to get our heads around these massive feats! I look forward to some debate around this.

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I just had a cacher find one of my earthcaches - all well and good - but then whyen I was looking at their profile - I noced they had found over 800 caches on a 2 day caching spree last month!!!!!!


This also blows my mind - I suppose they are possible - but for me in the SA and Arabian caching context - it just seems really odd too.

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on the subject of high caches, I have done a cache callled "the highest cache in Western Europe" while on a ski trip in France, and I have done 3 caches on lake titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, and one in La Paz, the highest capital city in the world :lol:


But a question to the stats man!

I see the favourites can now be viewed as a % faves to logs, although one can't sort by this option I think.

What are the most popular caches by % in SA?

I did a brief check, among the popular ones, it seems to be :

1 - FCG by Antron - 73%

2 - The Darkness Beckons, by Capeccr - 71%


any other stats on that?

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Here is another challenge for the sqlite script authors ... :)


Is there anyway of determining the fastest South Africans to a milestone?


e.g. fastest (in calendar days or months) to (say) 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 etc?

and then perhaps in caching days?


I understand that there is a problem with some of the above cachers doing caches in other countries (e.g. I have about 6 or 7 caches in neighbouring countries). So let's just say fastest to nnn SA caches.


Would it be a good idea to include neighbouring country caches in the SA database?


I maintain a database of All Africa, but have only been running the PQs since July 2010, so my data is far from complete. :(



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I have tried to create this query with SQL lite, but have so far not been able to do so.

There are some nice features in MS SQL 2008 which would allow me to do it, with quite a complex query, and some one on my SQL support group assisted me in creating one quite a while ago.

And exporting the data each time from SQLite to MSSQL was also long and cumbersome.




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Most puzzle caches per cacher?

Most Multi caches per cacher?

Most Regular caches per cacher?

Most event caches per cacher? (Who is the party animal?)

The Earth Cache stats were mentioned before.

Some interestig stats coming to the forefront.


B = Letterbox

Team=Tricky Vicky & Mickey CachType=B Finds=3

Team=The Huskies CachType=B Finds=2

Team=cownchicken CachType=B Finds=2


C = Cache In Trash Out ("Found it")

Team=The Huskies CachType=C Finds=3



C = Cache In Trash Out ("Attended")

Team=Goofster CachType=C Finds=3

Team=Stefanoodle CachType=C Finds=3

Team=Trackinfind CachType=C Finds=2

Team=Tricky Vicky & Mickey CachType=C Finds=2

Team=anlufu CachType=C Finds=2

Team=carlstein CachType=C Finds=2

Team=cownchicken CachType=C Finds=2


E = Event

Team=cownchicken CachType=E Finds=24 (HOLY COW!!)

Team=Discombob CachType=E Finds=21

Team=Goofster CachType=E Finds=20

Team=Noddy CachType=E Finds=19

Team=CrystalFairy CachType=E Finds=17

Team=cache-fan CachType=E Finds=16

Team=Fish Eagle CachType=E Finds=15

Team=Tricky Vicky & Mickey CachType=E Finds=14


I = Wherigo

Team=Jin & Tonic CachType=I Finds=1

Team=Kwenda Tafuta CachType=I Finds=1

Team=Rhino and Hedgehog CachType=I Finds=1

Team=Trammy CachType=I Finds=1

Team=Whostops CachType=I Finds=1

Team=Ysbeer CachType=I Finds=1

Team=macbow CachType=I Finds=1

Team=stephennb CachType=I Finds=1


M = Multi

Team=CrystalFairy CachType=M Finds=118

Team=Noddy CachType=M Finds=115

Team=cownchicken CachType=M Finds=113

Team=GlobalRat CachType=M Finds=103

Team=cache-fan CachType=M Finds=98


R = Earth

Team=RedGlobe CachType=R Finds=20 (Good going RG)

Team=cache-fan CachType=R Finds=19

Team=GreenJaM CachType=R Finds=17

Team=dakardrix CachType=R Finds=17

Team=Nish4 CachType=R Finds=16

Team=CrystalFairy CachType=R Finds=15

Team=DamhuisClan CachType=R Finds=15

Team=GlobalRat CachType=R Finds=15

Team=BruceTP CachType=R Finds=12

Team=Ding bat CachType=R Finds=11

Team=iPajero CachType=R Finds=11

Team=miking CachType=R Finds=11

Team=warthog CachType=R Finds=11


T = Traditional

Team=iPajero CachType=T Finds=1436

Team=CrystalFairy CachType=T Finds=1063

Team=cache-fan CachType=T Finds=1060

Team=cownchicken CachType=T Finds=1022

Team=Fish Eagle CachType=T Finds=990


U = Unknown/Mystery

Team=CrystalFairy CachType=U Finds=111

Team=RedGlobe CachType=U Finds=91

Team=GlobalRat CachType=U Finds=84

Team=Noddy CachType=U Finds=83

Team=cache-fan CachType=U Finds=81

Team=warthog CachType=U Finds=75

Team=GreenJaM CachType=U Finds=69


V = Virtual

Team=cownchicken CachType=V Finds=13

Team=Discombob CachType=V Finds=12

Team=Larks CachType=V Finds=12

Team=battlerat and pussycat CachType=V Finds=12


I wonder if you could run this query again today and we could see how this list has changed?

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Here is an interesting one.


Number of teams per geocaching year. (If a log was made, by a team it was counted)

Year 2000 0 Teams with 0 Logs

Year 2001 __41 Teams with __119 logs

Year 2002 __98 Teams with __581 logs

Year 2003 _196 Teams with __998 logs

Year 2004 _267 Teams with _1491 logs

Year 2005 _467 Teams with _5804 logs

Year 2006 _744 Teams with 20999 logs

Year 2007 1106 Teams with 33253 logs

Year 2008 1635 Teams with 45132 logs

Year 2009 _703 Teams with _8781 logs (as @ 2009-03-17)

Yes I know geocaching started in 2001....


Would love to see an update of this - for 2010. I can't believe the number of teams went down from 2007 to 2009!

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Ok here is one for the numbers. Some rivalry between the provinces.

Please note this INCLUDES ALL archived caches


South Africa Eastern Cape........ Event... 5

South Africa Eastern Cape........ Multi... 25

South Africa Eastern Cape........ Tradt... 442

South Africa Eastern Cape........ Uknwn... 18

South Africa Free State.......... Earth... 1

South Africa Free State.......... Event... 1

South Africa Free State.......... Multi... 12

South Africa Free State.......... Tradt... 135

South Africa Free State.......... Uknwn... 3

South Africa Gauteng............. CITO.... 1

South Africa Gauteng............. Earth... 20

South Africa Gauteng............. Event... 18

South Africa Gauteng............. Multi... 97

South Africa Gauteng............. Tradt... 727

South Africa Gauteng............. Uknwn... 135

South Africa Kwazulu Natal....... CITO.... 1

South Africa Kwazulu Natal....... Earth... 5

South Africa Kwazulu Natal....... Event... 17

South Africa Kwazulu Natal....... Multi... 71

South Africa Kwazulu Natal....... Tradt... 488

South Africa Kwazulu Natal....... Uknwn... 44

South Africa Kwazulu Natal....... WhIgo... 1

South Africa Limpopo............. Earth... 3

South Africa Limpopo............. Event... 3

South Africa Limpopo............. Multi... 6

South Africa Limpopo............. Tradt... 233

South Africa Limpopo............. Uknwn... 4

South Africa Mpumalanga.......... Earth... 3

South Africa Mpumalanga.......... Event... 8

South Africa Mpumalanga.......... LetBx... 1

South Africa Mpumalanga.......... Multi... 36

South Africa Mpumalanga.......... Tradt... 439

South Africa Mpumalanga.......... Uknwn... 20

South Africa Mpumalanga.......... Vrtul... 1

South Africa Nil................. Event... 1

South Africa Nil................. Multi... 4

South Africa Nil................. Tradt... 51

South Africa Nil................. Vrtul... 1

South Africa North West.......... Earth... 3

South Africa North West.......... Event... 3

South Africa North West.......... Multi... 15

South Africa North West.......... Tradt... 121

South Africa North West.......... Uknwn... 17

South Africa Northern Cape....... Earth... 1

South Africa Northern Cape....... Tradt... 58

South Africa Northern Cape....... Uknwn... 1

South Africa Western Cape........ CITO.... 3

South Africa Western Cape........ Earth... 8

South Africa Western Cape........ Event... 27

South Africa Western Cape........ LetBx... 2

South Africa Western Cape........ Multi... 105

South Africa Western Cape........ Tradt... 781

South Africa Western Cape........ Uknwn... 31

South Africa Western Cape........ Vrtul... 12

Not to cause any problems, but would love to see this query run again as of now.

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As of today = the following caches have the most favourite points:


26 Sentinel View by Prof Charles Merry (GC185)Western Cape, South Africa

19 Ipanema by louwtjievdw (GC20XJH)Free State, South Africa

19 Little Netherlands TB Hotel by GEO936 (GC1GZ0K) Gauteng, South Africa

18 Sailors' Star by vespax (GCVDHN)Western Cape, South Africa

16 Kirstenbosch Gardens - Big 5 by CapeDoc (GC1BZ22) Western Cape, South Africa

15 Longfinger by Louwtjievdw (GC1WBRJ)Free State, South Africa

15 Table Top Trove by Richter Family (GCMYYZ)Western Cape, South Africa

13 A Tribute to Friends and Family by Pixel and Possum (GC2926W)Western Cape, South Africa

13 Table Mountain - Cape Town by spuzva (GC1ABZK) Western Cape, South Africa

13 Training by John-Gill (GCW8AV)Western Cape, South Africa

12 FGC by Antron (GC2D3ZW)Gauteng, South Africa


there are certainly a number more Premium Members in the SA cachign community. I wonder if there are still a number that need to cast their votes?

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Hi Stats Gurus


Would it be possible to get a list of the registered cachers (teams) in each major city in South Africa or each province in South Africa (before Thursday, 24 Feb)?


Just not sure if we can get this or whether all we can get is the country figure?


Thank you in advance

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Would it be possible to get a list of the registered cachers (teams) in each major city in South Africa or each province in South Africa (before Thursday, 24 Feb)?


I do not think it is possible to tie a name to a city, or even a province.

The best source at the moment is probably www.sageostats.co.za which names the province for a lot of cachers, althouh not everyone is listed there.


www.cacherstats.com is another source for names, but has no location info.

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Okay, how about the number of registered cachers in South Africa? Just the country. Is that possible?

No. The only geographical information that is readily available about cachers, is how many of them have cached in a specific area (country, province or municipality) in a specific period. A cacher does not have to show his origin and even if he does, it is not easy to retrieve. (One can not download origins in a PQ). This has been discussed in the past, and somebody suggested that one could probably look at where every cacher's finds and/or hides are concentrated, but that sounds like a huge job to me, and even that will not always work. (Take Carbon Hunter, for example.)

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Okay, how about the number of registered cachers in South Africa? Just the country. Is that possible?

No. The only geographical information that is readily available about cachers, is how many of them have cached in a specific area (country, province or municipality) in a specific period. A cacher does not have to show his origin and even if he does, it is not easy to retrieve. (One can not download origins in a PQ). This has been discussed in the past, and somebody suggested that one could probably look at where every cacher's finds and/or hides are concentrated, but that sounds like a huge job to me, and even that will not always work. (Take Carbon Hunter, for example.)



What if the centroid of all logged caches (in S.A. only) for a specific cacher can be extracted, and use the polygon data to extract municipal districts? Carbon Hunter's (eg) out-out-of-country finds won't be picked up, and should show his local home town.

Plotting them on a map should give a indication of cacher density too.

Just thinking out loud...

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This will probably work for some, but not all cachers. I suspect that the centroid of cachers who live in rural areas will tend to be closer to the nearest city to their homes. It also depends on the distribution of the available caches. My own centroid is in Johannesburg, even though I live in Pretoria, simply because there are more caches south of my home than north. Then one gets the additional complication that cachers move around. Take besem and gerhardoosMPsa, for example.

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This will probably work for some, but not all cachers.


True. And for coastal cachers the centroid will be displaced inland for obvious reasons. In my case, I have found some caches in the far north western parts of Namibia, and my centroid places me in the Pmb area while I am actually in Durbs by the sea.

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Another option would be to run a density test on all logged caches by the specific cacher, and use the cache with the highest density.


My wild guess would be that the purpose for which it is needed does not dictate super accurate results, and an indication of active area should do the trick.

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Number of each cache type, per province:

Eastern Cape


EarthCache 20

Event 8

Multi 45

Unknown 26

Trad. 614

Wherigo 1


Free State

EarthCache 4

Event 5

Multi 21

Unknown 21

Trad. 358




EarthCache 27

Event 70

Letterbox 4

Multi 154

Unknown 189

Trad. 1252




Event 30

Multi 25

Unknown 12

Trad. 183

Wherigo... 1

EarthCache 12

Event 4

Letterbox 4

Multi 81

Unknown 105

Trad. 709

Wherigo 2



EarthCache 13

Event 4

Multi 10

Unknown 9

Trad. 311



EarthCache 27

Event 16

Letterbox 1

Multi 44

Unknown 26

Trad. 663

Virtual 1


North West

EarthCache 5

Event 5

Multi 19

Unknown 30

Trad. 191


Northern Cape

EarthCache 7

Multi 3

Unknown 1

Trad. 120


Western Cape


EarthCache 26

Event 44

Letterbox 4

Multi 165

Unknown 95

Trad. 1356

Virtual 13

Wherigo 1

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Number of cachers that have cached in South Africa:



The total number of cachers since the beginning is currently 6349.


Very Interesting - If there are 6349 registrations since the beginning, and 2745 were active last year, that indicates an attrition of 3604 cachers. Is that good or bad?



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If there are 6349 registrations since the beginning, and 2745 were active last year, that indicates an attrition of 3604 cachers. Is that good or bad?

Hard to say - I have nothing to compare it with. Remember, this number includes tourists who may have only cached here once.

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Fastest 1000 finds:

iPajero: 199 days

Leon St: 469

Danie Viljoen: 488

CrystalFairy: 569

gerhardoosMPsa: 639

Tricky Vicky & Mickey: 696

Antron: 712

RedGlobe: 781

cache-fan: 828

Henzz: 890

cownchicken: 915

Wormgeocash: 916

Fish Eagle: 947

battlerat and pussycat: 1065

rodnjoan: 1083

Wazat: 1262

Noddy: 1292

DiePienaars: 1393

Wildbirds: 1394

KeithWood: 1454

GlobalRat: 1501

The Huskies: 1649


I am not sure if my script works 100%. If it works, the numbers above give the number of days for each cacher's fastest 1000 finds (South African caches only).


Jors should be the next to reach 1000 (and set a record that will not be easily broken!)

Edited by Danie Viljoen
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Fastest first 1000 finds (African caches):

1. iPajero: 600 days

2. Danie Viljoen: 614

3. CrystalFairy: 673

4. gerhardoosMPsa: 726

5. Antron: 750

6. RedGlobe: 857

7. Henzz: 984

8. Fish Eagle: 988

9. Wormgeocash: 1037

10. GreenJaM: 1114

11. cache-fan: 1351

12. Wazat: 1377

13. Wildbirds: 1394

14. Leon St: 1404

15. cownchicken: 1455

16. KeithWood: 1457

17. DiePienaars: 1534

18. The Huskies: 1649

19. battlerat & pussycat: 1703

20. rodnjoan: 1714

21. Noddy: 1761

22. Tricky Vicky & Mickey: 1951

23. GlobalRat: 2200

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Most found caches in South Africa:

1. GCMYYZ - Table Top Trove, Western Cape: 418 finds

2. GC114RH - Cape Town TB Hotel, Western Cape: 339 finds

3. GC9CC4 - Signal Hill, Western Cape: 313 finds

4. GCWK3K - TF16 180° Sea, Western Cape: 304 finds

5. GC3055 - Smuts House, Irene, Gauteng: 248 finds

6. GC77E - Cape Agulhas, Western Cape: 247 finds

7. GC43FA - Historical Series – Harbour entrance, Western Cape: 213 finds

8. GCQAZV - "by any other name" (Western Cape), Western Cape: 213 finds

9. GCVDHN - Sailors' Star, Western Cape: 211 finds

10. GCGA0Z - Kloofnek Historical 12P, Western Cape: 210 finds

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Most found South African caches in the past year:

The following caches have the most finds for the period 1 March 2010 to 28 Feb. 2011:

1. GCMYYZ - Table Top Trove, Western Cape: 109 finds

2. GC2GG2C - Nobel Square, Western Cape: 108 finds

3. GC25H9B - MF2010 St Martin's Bell, Gauteng: 104 finds

4. GC25JM7 - MF2010 John Trollope Tower, Gauteng: 101 finds

5. GC23XJ3 - Savannah, Western Cape: 94 finds

6. GC24H0C - MF2010 Joan of Parc, Gauteng: 92 finds

7. GC114RH - Cape Town TB Hotel, Western Cape: 90 finds

8. GC25EA9 - MF2010 Pyramid Keeper, Gauteng: 85 finds

9. GC25JKK - MF2010 Irene Corner Garden, Gauteng: 85 finds

10. GC182QZ - Gotteshaeuser: St. Martini Kirche, Western Cape: 84 finds

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Oldest active cachers:

The following cachers have been active for more than 8 years. (With active I mean the period between their first and last finds).

Rank, Cacher, Last find, Active period

1. Jors 2011/02/26 10.1 years

2. Tomsle 2010/01/20 10.0 years

3. warthog 2011/02/21 9.5 years

4. GuyHarwood 2011/02/27 9.3 years

5. Goofster 2011/02/13 9.1 years

6. hosta 2011/02/23 9.0 years

7. Brick 2010/09/15 8.9 years

8. natie 2010/12/26 8.9 years

9. Tricky Vicky & Mickey 2011/02/11 8.8 years

10. Royfamily 2010/08/03 8.7 years

11. ccbaker 2010/07/24 8.6 years

12. Stefanoodle 2011/02/27 8.4 years

13. GlobalRat 2011/02/24 8.4 years

14. Peter Scholtz 2009/09/12 8.4 years

15. cmerry 2009/07/09 8.1 years

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Number of caches planted in the past year, per province:

Gauteng: 444 caches, 26.4%

Western Cape: 399 caches, 23.7%

Kwazulu Natal: 291 caches, 17.3%

Free State: 158 caches, 9.4%

Eastern Cape: 137 caches, 8.1%

Mpumalanga: 128 caches, 7.6%

North West: 51 caches, 3.0%

Northern Cape: 43 caches, 2.6%

Limpopo: 30 caches, 1.8%

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Number of finds, per province:

Western Cape: 60579

Gauteng: 60353

KZN: 26820

Mpumalanga: 15405

Free State: 12191

Eastern Cape: 12080

Limpopo: 6456

North West: 6454

Northern Cape: 1644


Number of finds in the last year, per province:

Western Cape: 21009

Gauteng: 20273

KZN: 10510

Mpumalanga: 7750

Free State: 4464

Eastern Cape: 3766

Limpopo: 1700

North West: 1260

Northern Cape: 711

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Percentage increase of new caches, per province:

If one compares the number of new caches planted during the last year with the previous year:

Northern Cape: 153%

Gauteng: 78%

Eastern Cape: 69%

Free State: 60%

North West: 24%

Western Cape: 22%

Kwazulu Natal: 15%

Mpumalanga: -8%

Limpopo: -44%

Total: 13%

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Percentage increase of finds, per province:

Comparing the number of finds during the last year with the previous year:

Free State: 287%

Northern Cape: 129%

Eastern Cape: 69%

Gauteng: 67%

Western Cape: 57%

Kwazulu Natal: 56%

Mpumalanga: 34%

North West: 2%

Limpopo: -25%

Total: 65%


It is obvious that oom Louwtjie has made a huge difference in the Free State, but what went wrong in Limpopo?

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Most municipalities found:

1. iPajero: 52

2. Tricky Vicky & Mickey: 45

3. Fish Eagle: 43

4. gerhardoosMPsa: 42

5. cownchicken: 40

5. CrystalFairy: 40

7. Urban Hunters: 38

7. Brick: 38

9. miking: 37

10. Team Ginger: 36

11. rodnjoan: 34

11. DiePienaars: 34

11. Megaben: 34

11. Larks: 34

15. Antron: 33

15. W@lly: 33

15. B and C Inc: 33

15. Hesamati: 33

19. Team_Olo: 32

20. Elsies: 32

21. Leon St: 31

21. HeinG: 31

23. RedGlobe: 30

23. Danie Viljoen: 30

23. dakardrix: 30

23. iNokia: 30

23. besem: 30

23. DamhuisClan: 30

23. Cabey: 30

23. stephennb: 30

23. hennieventer: 30

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Cachers who have found most of the 100 oldest available caches:

cownchicken: 60

Tricky Vicky & Mickey: 52

iPajero: 46

Discombob: 42

battlerat and pussycat: 38

Larks: 34

Stefanoodle: 33

The Huskies: 33

bear&fox: 27

Zambesiboy: 26

capeccr: 26


Cachers who have found most of the 100 newest available caches:

MadSons: 22

Leon St: 20

iPajero: 17

Danie Viljoen: 14

Jors: 11

rodnjoan: 11

NaviMate: 10


EverywhereSlowly: 9

simplr: 9

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Most finds per cache owner, during the past year:

1. louwtjievdw: 4903 finds of all his caches, for the period 1 March 2010 to 28 Feb. 2011

2. dakardrix: 2005

3. paddawan: 1935

4. SawaSawa: 1072

5. Fish Eagle: 1067

6. Tartan_Terror: 1063

7. Wazat: 1013

8. Noddy: 902

9. GEO936: 897

10. dakardrix and BruceTP: 872

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Most Difficulty/Terrain combinations found:

1. iPajero: 71

1. cownchicken: 71

3. Noddy: 66

4. Tricky Vicky & Mickey: 63

4. gerhardoosMPsa: 63

4. RedGlobe: 63

7. CrystalFairy: 62

8. battlerat and pussycat: 61

8. iNokia: 61

10. the pooks: 60

10. capeccr: 60


(Currently only 80 of the 81 combinations are available.)

Edited by Danie Viljoen
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Most difficult caches found:

Where difficult means that the Difficulty and/or the Terrain > 2.5

1. iPajero: 838

2. cownchicken: 622

3. Tricky Vicky & Mickey: 458

4. battlerat and pussycat: 395

5. RedGlobe: 349

6. cache-fan: 348

7. Fish Eagle: 341

8. gerhardoosMPsa: 301

9. Noddy: 279

10. CrystalFairy: 272

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Highest percentage difficult caches found:

The following list contains the African cachers who have found at least 50 caches, of which the highest percentage have a Difficulty > 2.5 and/or Terrain > 2.5:

1. Richter Family: 99 finds, 60% difficult

2. Restios: 65 finds, 58% difficult

3. PAR-3: 107 finds, 49% difficult

4. robainja: 76 finds, 47% difficult

5. Berg_man: 62 finds, 47% difficult

6. capeccr: 549 finds, 46% difficult

7. DunesM: 104 finds, 43% difficult

8. oceans247: 164 finds, 42% difficult

9. carlstein: 365 finds, 42% difficult

10. Dr.Q and the Bandit: 159 finds, 40% difficult

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