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Van Der Murphy's SA Geocaching Laws

Carbon Hunter
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Thought I'd lighten the mood by getting some fun SA geocaching laws going - please add your own:


1) You always find the easy route to the cache ..... when walking away from the cache!

2) At the cache, you realise that the perfect swag or GC for this cache .... is still in the car.

3) The cache is always on the other side of teh fence or river

4) The muggles next to the cache site ...... are having a picnic for the entire afternoon!

5) The quick cache between meetings while in a business suit ........ is in the middle of a muddy river and brambles.

6) There are no straight lines when heading towards a cache site




I look forward to your additions.

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7) The cache that is maked as "regular" is a micro without a pen/pencil.

8) The pen/pencil is always in the car.

9) Never believe "auto routing"!

10) When you see the obvious cache location - better believe the GPSr rather.

11) A cache wrapped in a black plastic bag is always wetter inside that outside and also has more snails/slugs/ants than one that is not.



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The FTF that you eye for a week in some remote area always seems to be found just as you are planning to go look for it.


You spend a hour working out the clues to the final location only to find you have actually been sitting on it for a hour.


The muggle that just won't leave while you want to search is wishing you would leave so he can continue with the search.


There always seems to be a cache close by as i am driving. Problem is you are on the highway and the cache requires a 4km detour just to get to.


Time always seems to run out for "Just one more".


My 5th DNF due to a muggle security guard.

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That ideal FTF opportuntity close to home ...... gets published while you're on holiday 500km away!


AMEN to that. Happened to me 2 weeks ago... and I can add one similar to it:


The cache published 100m from your doorstep is a 5-star puzzle cache.

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This will maybe be remembered by some EC cachers.


2 days a cache is published and an up country cacher (Me) does a FTF right under 3 locals noses. They pitched up one after the other just after i found it. All hoping for a FTF.


Or a KZN cacher:


Placed a cache but was too slow in publish it. I had placed one in the same area later in the day but published it first, neither of us knew about the others cache.


Or one cache visit but a full logbook:


Cathedral Peak

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Ah the joys of caching..... :) sorry amaSoekSoek, the KZN boys are pretty competitive even out of their home turf.




Climbing up a grassy and rocky slope to get to the cache from the nearest accessible road thanks to auto routing only to find the locals have made their own road on top of the mountain that takes you to within meters of the cache.


Searching for ages and ages to find the cache only to find that there was a slight error in the listing.


Searching for ages and ages to find the cache only to find that there was a huge error in the listing. What was it BJB 100km out?


Finding the obvious spot but not the cache only to find out it was not in the obvious spot.


Mistaking the cache for a piece of rubbish someone had stuck in the barrier. (Was a folded bank bag with the container or logsheet inside)


Been told to walk a kilometer along the beach in the listing only to find you can drive on a little side road. Was fortunately not caught out by that one.


Ah cache is only 30 meters away.... Sheer cliff ahead just 28 meters away and a hundred meters high. I have to climb that? Lucky there was a road to the top.


Cache was archived the day before, and you have the listing on paper, still active. Thank goodness for paperless caching.

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101) When you see blackjacks you know you are close....

102) But I looked there first....

103) Why are there no blackjacks... must be in the wrong place...

104) Auto routing is only a second opinoin....

105) Which pocket did I put that pen!

106) Two hands is never enough....

107) How come I have blackjacks all over me I did not see a bush - anywhere!!!

108) Black bags contain wet caches... that just how it works - replace as found!

109) It is on top of the mountain or at the bottom of a valley - hardly ever at the car park...

110) Why but why is the dog always right!

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Searching for ages and ages to find the cache only to find that there was a huge error in the listing. What was it BJB 100km out?


Yeah, something like that! :)


The cache was published with the coordinates as follows: S 29° 49.357 E 029° 57.673.


I rushed there to claim a FTF and found myself in the middle of nowhere.


After querying the location with the owner, it was established that the coordinates should have been S29° 49.357 E030° 57.673 - which is about 100km away! Still got the FTF...


A little bonus that came from the wild-goose chase was that I discovered an interesting old bridge over a century old, so I planted a cache there!

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Nice story about Cathederal Peak.


In the days before geocaching there invariably was a container with a logbook hidden in a cairn at the summits of the various peaks where you could record your visit. I suspect some of them were maintained by the MCSA. So it is not surprising that so many people have logged a visit at Cathedral Peak.

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115) See a new cache published far away and when you finally get there a week later it is raining like mad and the cache still isn't found after an attempt by the local cacher. Abandon attempt after going seriously off road in the dark and fear getting stuck. Come back two days later finding where you had originally gone wrong and it is still pouring with rain. Abandon again for fear of getting stuck and find that the cache is still up for grabs a week later. A few months later I finally did the cache to find getting stuck would probably not have happened as the roads looked pretty OK.


116) Having a TB placed in a cache to begin it's journey. But the cache gets muggled before it even has a chance to leave.


117) Go on a caching getaway weekend to be greeted by rain from start to finish, with not a single cache been attempted.


118) Having 500+ caches all around you and not been able to go look for any thanks to the family not been interested.


119) Driving past a potential FTF on the way home from a weekend away, to only find out when you get home that it had been published in the time you were travelling.

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121) Your happiness to log a DNF is directly proportional to the amount o effort put in to finding the cache.


After hiking for hours, in the sun, through water, mud and the likes, you search for an hour then give in and phone a friend. They don't answer, so phone another. After cleaning out your caching phone-book getting only "unavailables" what do you do? You wait!!! Some-one will call back and there's no way on earth you're leaving without it :)

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