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Colorado Tracklogs

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One of my favorite features of the Colorado is (was?) the ability to automatically save tracklog data to the internal memory automatically. This data was saved in sequentially numbered GPX files containing a lossless log of old track data. These were numbered 2.gpx,3.gpx, etc, and I believe that one file was created per day.


I seem to remember that this was accomplished by enabling a setting that was titled something like, "save tracklogs to internal memory."


However, I just noticed that my CO has not been saving these tracklog files since sometime in November. I have been running version 2.80 and, recently, 2.90, but I cannot remember if I upgraded the firmware at the same time that the unit stopped logging. Looking in setup>tracks, I can no longer find the options to: 1) wrap the tracklog when full (it seems to do this anyway, but I can't find where to disable it when I want to. I swear it was there before) 2) archive tracklog data to the GPX folder.


I can plug the unit into a computer, which generates a GPX file of the current tracklog. However, when the tracklog gets full and wraps around, the oldest data points are deleted. The unit no longer seems to be saving them to the internal memory or the SD card.


Was this a feature that was removed or changed during a recent software update?


I have cleaned out the entire GPX folder thinking that something in there was preventing these files from being created, and I have ample space free on both the internal mem and on the SD card. What am I missing here?

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No special settings. As soon as your tracklog fills the data is moved to one of these files. It takes a little while (depending on usage and tracklog settings) for one of these files to fill up and move to the next. They are not saved daily, they are saved when they get to a particular size. Open the [drive]:\Garmin\GPX\Archive folder and open the file with the most recent timestamp. Does it contain the tracklogs just prior to the end of your current track?


Details here:


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Hm... strange. That page says that 20 previous files are present on the CO at one time, and that the oldest are deleted as new ones are created. But I have 38. the timestamps look like this:


file				   modification date

1.gpx				 3/10/09
2.gpx				 7/29/08
3.gpx				 7/31/08
...(more files)...
37.gpx				11/2/08
38.gpx				11/8/08


1.gpx seems to be the newest one, and contains the latest data. The unit stopped logging after file #38. Perhaps a software update in November set the 20 file cap and after that the unit stopped logging altogether instead of deleting any files? Anyway, I backed up and deleted all the gpx files from the unit and reset the tracklog. I then drove for several hours the other day but haven't yet filled up the tracklog; I'll see if 2.gpx is created when this happens.

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Once, after a Master Reset, (Software Version 2.4 or 2.5) my Colorado restarted the tracks log numbering with 1.gpx.


I have never redone a master reset since then - and the log file names behave as expected.


as an aside, does anyone know how to force the device to start the number again from 1.gpx?

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