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Going back to look for ones you couldn't find?


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There are caches I have a DNF on that I didn't enjoy looking for the first time. Those I won't go give another try for. Some are too far or hard to get to and I may not look for them a second time.


However, most of the Dnf's I log I will go back and try for a few more times. The most times I've returned to a cache was five. I couldn't find that one until I got a hint from the CO. (and that one was logged as an easy find by most finders. :rolleyes:

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Yes, that is part of the game. Sometimes, you may not find that particular cache until after you have gained some experience. Quite often, though, you may be in a different frame of mind and spot it right away. Go look.


true dat. last august i went looking for a micro, closest geocache to my house, could not find it. a few nights ago i had some time and figured i'd go give it another look, found it about a minute after i got to ground zero. said to myself "oh yeah, baby".

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There was a cache that a local cacher had hidden that I spent at least 6 months trying to find. Since I worked out of town I could only look for it on weekends. By the time I finally found it, it was time for snow to fall. I said many unrepeatable words about this darn thing, and like several above, when I did find it all I could say was DUH.



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Soon after I started caching I tried to find a micro close to my place of work, with no luck. I tried a few more times then placed a watch on it and waited. For a year I reveived "an easy find for my first cache" type logs while in my mind it had become a monster. Finally when I did return I got it almost immediately.

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I seldom go back a second time, just put it on the ignore list and you can filter it out of the queries. Usually its a terrain issue.

This might mean that you shouldn't search for more difficult caches. Some will require multiple visits.


My wife does not like to be defeated. I can imagine some young women saying lets get the heck out of here. Not my wife. She is determined to find it.


Last March we were in search of a cache. According to the coords and our research we needed to cross a stream that was about 20 feet wide with rushing cold water. Then we needed to bushwack 200 feet through thick growth. No trail. We also had two kids, no way to get dry if we got wet, and lots of electronic equipment. It was cold too.


After i got wet halfway across the stream and I slipped in getting wet- i called it off. She wasnt thrilled.


We got home (it was out of state on vacation) and saw that the coords were like 250+ feet off. We were near it and didnt know. Can you imagine spending all that time looking for a cache in those conditions where no cache existed? Crap!


To us, geocaching is about finding the cache and fun with family. We love to go back.

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Is it OK to go back and try again to find ones you could not before? I post even those I could not find and then if I see that someone afterme has found it, I woudl like to go back and try again. Thats acceptable correct?? :)

I do it more times than I care to admit.

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