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COINTEST: Help Me and Mom Celebrate!


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1. The Ultimate Doo-Wop Show

2. Stranahan Theater, Toledo, OH

3. The Vogues- Five O'Clock World


Watch for Bikes!

DING DING DING!! Congratulations!!


I'm glad that somebody put all those clues together finally. LOL :rolleyes: How long did it take you to find it?


I will email you with the coin information. Thanks for playing everyone!!


One of the groups playing that night was The Volumes. They practice in Tom's basement before the shows. This time they gave us tickets to the actual show and their own little preshow party so we had a great time AND the concert was on Sweetest Day!! All the performers did a great job but for some reason that one song stuck in my head.....

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It took me quite a while, but little by little the google searches revealed the name of the show and I figured out the song from the hints. Awesome!

Thanks for the cointest! I have been away from the forums for a long time, so it's fun to win a cointest on my return.

Thanks again,


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:lol: Sorry, i give up :lol:


i wish everybody a lot of luck with finding right answer :lol:


:lol: Thanks for the cointest :lol: ......you made my hard disk broke :rolleyes:



i had much fun, thank you for that :D


Ah don't give up! Mom is going to come back here soon and give more and more hints. You got the biggest one so far!! And you do know two of the performers AND the date is narrowed down.......



Its 5 O'Clock somewhere in the World!! She told me that....


Sorry Riley..i was looking and looking but get only dutch concerts :D


And then someone want to eat and needed a walk.


you know who i mean. :D


But thank you again, i like this cointest very much.


Congrats to the both winners :D:D

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