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Is this a good father and son thing...


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I am also in the military and I am stationed in Arizona and my boys live in Texas. I found this and showed it to my boys and they love it. The youngest one is 8 and the oldest is 14 and I let them each take charge in finding one and they each have found three they want to look for when they come here for the summer.

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I have been caching for 2 and a half years already and my father got me into it. I never had a really strong relationship with my dad until he introduced me to caching and in 3 years I have told my dad things while out caching I NEVER told my mom (and I'm a girl!) we have a stronger bond and greater understanding of each other. I wish caching was around when I was really young but I didn't get into it til I was 23. As for a gps I used 3 in my caching years A bright yellow Garmin Etrex, a Garmin Etrex Legend and Now I cache with a Garmin Etrex CX which is a great GPS. And thank you for bravely and courageously serving our country!!!!!!!

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hello there! we use a garmin etrex venture hc and love it. every once in a great while i clear out the caches we've already found to clear up the memory, but it has basically all the features of the vista. color screen, etc... but will a little better price range. al and i started caching in september and didn't want to get a gps that was too expensive if we ended up not liking the sport. turns out not only do we love to cache, but we love the gps too! and also, yes dollar store/ dollar tree... is good. also, hitting up walmart after a holiday to gain some trinkets. i find some items off ebay in bulk at times too, since we're "team spongebob" and pick up spongebob related items pretty reasonably. hope you enjoy your homecoming with your family and have a safe return! and oh, definitely include the girls in the caching at some point. not all of us are into frilly pink things... i love bugs and outdoors and a still a woman through and through! :mellow:




I also have the same gps (etrex venture HC) it was reasonably priced and is as reliable as mu buddys $500+ unit.


Also i have taken my nieces /nephews all with me, so far they all love going treasure hunting.

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What a response! Thanks to everyone for their comments. I've had internet problems the last few days and was surprised to see the increase in posts. Thanks again, and to let everyone know i appreciate the other suggestions for activities.


Also, I just ordered a eTrex Camo from eBay, it was really cheap, and I still have my Nokia N95, which I can add maps to. I figure I'll look for something better when I get home (2 weeks Left), that way I can give my son the Camo for him to use / play with.


I'll look at bring back some swag / trinkets from Iraq, I'll just have to place them far away from where I live.... too many military who already have swag like I would bring home. Thanks again, I'll try to get out this weekend and go caching in Iraq :unsure:

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