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Call me crazy but both pics look like black nickel? Is there a pic of the nickel version? Is that the icon in the top right corner? Are both verions the same minting numbers? Thanks?



If you look at the coins, The one on the left looks a little lighter green and the ver edge is silvery , the right, the green is darker and the very edge is Black. I think the design has a black enamel backround under the shamrocks. I hope this helps.



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Thank you for your help opalns!!


Silver pictures never turn out good but there is a black nickel and there is a silver. They both have translucent green in the shamrocks so they will look slightly different. The size was chosen by the mint but I still hope you will like them!


Here is the real sample picture. The one on the left is my AE which was done in all hard enamels. The one on the bottom is the black nickel and the one on the right is the silver.



Thanks for the comments! and thanks for the chuckle (again) lorca.nl :D


edit to say: Yes the little circle in the first photo in the very top right is the icon and all coins will have a different tracking number (not sure I understood the tracking question?? lol)

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The shamrock is a symbol of Ireland. It is a three-leafed old white clover. It is sometimes of the variety Trifolium repens (a white clover, known in Irish as seamair bhán) but today usually Trifolium dubium (a lesser clover, Irish: seamair bhuí). (Wikipedia)


Not a 4 leaf clover in sight........what gives?

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