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First Hide

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So we have decided to hide our first cache. I have read all the information on what to put in them, but just wanted some fun ideas. These will be small to medium hides. Any tips on hiding?


I also got a First to Find coin for one and this may seem silly but do I activate it or do I just leave the activation code and allow the first to take it to decide what happens to the coin?


Any tips would be appreciated! We have a huge wildlife management area close to us that has no caches in it. So I called to get the permit and am so excited to get this rolling!


Thank you.

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Since it's your first hide you need to take special care in getting the coordinates correct. You indicated you have requested permission to hide this in a wildlife management area, if that is granted try to hide the cache in an area that others will find interesting. Keep in mind that other cacher will judge you on your hide, so give it thought before placing.


As for the coin....I would let the FTF activate it if they choose to do so. You could add another coin as a TB that you activate to celebrate your first hide.


Good luck!


El Diablo

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Our best advice would be to make sure the container you are hiding is waterproof.

Lock n' Lock boxes and ammo cans make the best containers.

As for your first to find coin, it is better to place an unactivated coin for the prize. That way the

finder can either pass it along or keep it to add to their collection.

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Thank you!! I forgot to ask about containers.


There are trails, so I was thinking at least one could be off the trail. There is also a dadgum and lake so I was thinking something around those two areas. They are having two burns this year, so I have to go get the burn map to make sure we don't place them in the burn area.


What makes an interesting site/cache for you?

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What makes an interesting site/cache for you?


One that's hidden and approved by the reviewer! :laughing:


While I was preparing for my first hide I did the same thing your doing now which really helped. I also was fortunate enough to know an avid cacher who gave me some pointers and let me run some ideas by her. The best advice I can give you that has already been mentioned is to get a really good fix on the location with your GPS and use a good container.


Congrats on your first hide. Get ready for the anticipation and excitement of the logs!

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The first cache hide is great! And kudos to you for giving it some though and not tossing a coffee can wrapped in camo tape out there!


So that gives away the "What's cool for me" thing. I really appreciate finding a cache that is well camo'ed in some way. Something that the finder has to work for and may even hold in their hands wondering if that's the cache or not. Hidden in plain sight types are wonderful. Anything that makes me stop and really look at a location and wonder what's different or out of place.


I've got two out now that I'm happy with. One is camo'ed in the same mulch that is in the surrounding area, next to a pond. Logs have mentioned almost stepping on it before finding it. The other is covered in shredded fabric, like a ghilly suit. Logs have mentioned it looks like something dead. Good times.


One that I hope to put out soon is a micro. Fly tying is a hobby and I'm trying to work a micro tube into a dragonfly body that is tied with the correct colors and scale of the natives in the area.


The possibilities are pretty much endless. With the wildlife management area you mention, you have an unlimited number of choices.


The obsession of hiding a great cache is almost worse than finding the first few.

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