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DUDE! Not again! I got hit again!


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I got hit on two seperate occasions by regular snowballs. One from Oregon and the other one from California. Those people have no consideration for us people living in the Great White North :rolleyes:


We still have about 3 to 4 ft of snow in the backyard right now and without no fresh snow recently, all I could be throwing are yellow snowballs. So, you better watch out :blink:

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I got hit with a white nice snowball all the way from USA some weeks ago . It came with a trade I made.


And baby Matilda got hit by a white snowball thrown from the Netherlands. Would not think you say thank you when someone throws snowballs at you but for this I do. :rolleyes:


Now it is time to wait for spring so I guess the snowballs are all melting soon but today it is below cero celsius here in Sweden, Gothenburg.


grodan Karin

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Boy, did I ever get HIT.


Been 85 degrees, the temp drops to high 40's and the mail arrives, I open a note and SPLAT, a shiny silver and red snowball got me right between the eyes.


.Thanks Eltada for th reminder of what I had been missing this year. LOL At least it wasn't yellow......<_<


PS The 2 tone key was awesome as well, got so busy wiping the snow from my eyes I almost didn't see it. LOL

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