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I finally decided on and bought my new GPS

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Well, the last topic I started in here was which GPS I should get. I had just sold my old Magellan Meridian Gold and was in the market for an upgrade. I was looking to get either the Colorado or Oregon 300. I got quite a few suggestions and more than one of those was for the GPSMAP 60csx. I looked at the CX version of that at two locations. I live in Canada so I bought it at Canadian Tire. The two cheapest places were WalMart at $329.99 and Canadian Tire at $369.99. The next couple of places were charging as high as $425.00 for the same unit, I have no idea why the huge span between the prices.So, I went to Canadian Tire with a sticker from Wal Mart to indicate they sold it for that price and took advantage of their beat the low price policy. This is where Cdn Tire will give you the competitors price, plus 10% of the lower price in Cdn Tire money, which was $32.99, so I got my unit for $297.00. I had both of my original choices at home for enough time to rule out the Colorado right away and I ruled out the Oregon after only a couple of days. I really wanted them to be nice and good units especially the Oregon with the touch screen since it was such a nice toy, but I couldn't justify the fact that I liked to play with it, as opposed to a good funtioning unit. So, I opted for the Garmin GPSMAP 60CX, and not because of price, that just gave me a good reason to be very happy that it was cheaper, just that simple. I only got this last night, but I knew right after I turned it on and used it for only an hour that this would be my choice. Thanks to everyone that helped me to make my decision.


L8R, 1Woodsman

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