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Imitation hard enamel

SLO Trekker

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Can someone who knows the business tell me exactly what imitation hard enamel is, and how the process works? I have a coin in production, but I think think that imitation hard enamel is being confused with an epoxy coat. If part of the design involves color and part is recessed metal only, will using imitation hard enamel mean that the entire coin surface will be smooth, or only where the color is?

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From what I have just read, hard enamel will have a smooth surface across the coin. I take this as only the sections filled with enamel.


The Michigan Venture Crew coin is a good example of hard enamel. The whole coin has all areas filled with hard enamel and it makes the coin smooth.


It cannot be used with soft enamel as the curing processes is different.


The epoxy coat is a clear coat, and in the case of one coin I have, creates a slight dome/curved/convex surface. I don't know if that convex surface is the norm or happened to just the coin I have, as it is the only epoxy coin I have in my collection.

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Imitation hard enamel will fill the recesses of the coin where applied and it is polished flush with the topmost metal features. The coin will have a smooth appearance. Soft enamels flow into the recessed areas of the coin. An epoxy coating is used to protect the finish of your coins, making them more durable.


So, if you are using hard enamels, the coin will be smooth -- but only in those areas where the enamel is applied. It is possible to have open metal features that aren't enamel filled. My Oak Island coin has a hard enamel ring surrounding a 3d metal design in the centre.


This coin also has an epoxy coating on one side to protect the text that was printed on the metal rather than being rendered in enamel. The epoxy does give it a slightly domed look around the edges.

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