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Geo Etiquette


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Perfectly fine hunt TB's. There are lots of people that try to collect TB's and coins so they have to visit some caches quite often to log the TB's traveling through.


Just remember to log a note and not a find. I have a cache at my house and I post a note almost every time that I open the cache.

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I think (as others have said) that the cache owner would LOVE you to stop by and pick up a TB to move it along...ESPECIALLY if you post a note and let the cache owner know that everything is fine with the cache or if the cache needs any maintanance or a new log book etc....

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It was just recently pointed out to me that when revisiting and logging a NOTE, your number of finds does not increment, if you revisit and log a visit, your number of finds will inappropriately increment.


I revisit before I go on vacation a take a few TBs with me. Also, drop any I bring back from vacation in convenient caches near my home.

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