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Best GPS for BFE

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I also posted this on the "GPS Technology" topic forum...


I want to know which handheld gps is the best, for land navigation assistance, for remote areas that have no cell phone coverage and in scenarios where getting lost could mean some hiker accidentally finding your sun bleached and animal scattered remains a decade or two after you died of thirst, exposure, hypo/hyperthermia or whatever.


I have a lot of fun geocaching but, just for a moment, let's forget about the bells and whistles, the paperless this or that, and how many mouse clicks it takes to do this or that. Also, let's put on pause the consideration of the benefits and capabilities of WAAS and Assisted-GPS. Since I'm not stupid enough to go anywhere in the boonies without a weather proofed paper map and a good compass, I don't care about most detailed this or prettiest that.


So I want to know which available handheld has the best combination of chipset, antenna, power consumption, and external antenna options for areas that have ZERO cell phone coverage. Terrain and conditions varies from desert to heavily wooded to mountainous.


Thanks in advance to all who share thoughtful and considered responses and opinions....

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Please don't post the same topic to multple forums. See the forum guidelines linked at the top left of every page.


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Closing this duplicate topic.

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