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Camping Weekend Event in the Berg!

Blackjack Bailey
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I am about to publish a camping weekend event in the Drakensberg (Under the Shadow of the Dragon) and would like to give all fellow cachers forewarning of the event. Once the event has been published, I will post the link here.


I will be making a block camping booking for the long weekend Friday, 1st May to Sunday, 3rd May in the Dragon Peaks Resort, Champagne Castle (S29 01.155 E29 26.268).


There are many quality caches within easy driving distance of the resort, so you are bound to be kept busy all weekend! The facilities at the resort are top-notch and, for those of you who prefer more upmarket accommodation, there are many self-catering chalets available.


Even though the location is in KZN, I would like to see many non-KZN'ers attend this proposed event. We will all have the opportunity to swop caching stories around the campfire on the Friday and Saturday nights, so a good time should be had by all.


So what do you think? Let me know!

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Will attend too. There is a serious cache up Mt Memory that requires a day hike. It is not by any means an easy cache to get to but if you are fit enough it is worth the view. If I am up to it, I might accompany people willing to attempt this. But be warned it is tough. Might as well get fit in the meantime. My worry is that snow in the area at this time of year can make the going a lot tougher. So be prepared for wet cold weather.

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Wish we could be there, but we will have returned a week before from PE, after our Easter holiday. So money will be quite scares for another trip.


It is on my watch list, and will be looking at the logs with great interest.

Hope you guys (and gals) have lots of fun!


Here is hoping there is something happening in PE.

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