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Anyone else got a favourite tb on their watchlist ?

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Am i the only one to have various tb's of other peoples on my watchlist ?..I guess we all come across certain tbs that mean something to us in some way or another,I certainly have.....One or two in particular spring to mind....Ive been tracking this one closely ever since i moved it on after it had endured a long stay in a cache..cute little chap it was :anibad::)




Anyone one else out there got a favourite ?

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I'm watching quite a few, several that belong to friends and some I have moved on to see if they reach their goals. I'm watching this one just to see who else is moving it. Yes, I did pick it up from a cache, why I don't know, but I did find another cache to leave it in after taking him for several nice trips out.


That Eeyore is amazing, i'd give him a home for a while if anyone ever passes him on to me.

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