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The Purrfect Cointest


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First I have to say that is a beautiful cat BriarPatch :ph34r: lol


I have a funny picture so I'm submitting it. It's not me in it but its my husband Big Ron, our two friends who introduced us to Geocaching and our cat Daphne (may she rest in peace).


Daphne was a long haired cat and if I didn't brush her DAILY her hair got matted with these big fur balls. Every now and then when our friends Doc (with the wild look in his eyes and scissors in his hands) and Hanna (the animal whisperer) would come over...they would help poor Daphne out if her hair got too bad. She's now in hairball free heaven but every now and then I still think I hear her meow to me.




Thanks for another cointest. I need to find something clever to run. I always enjoy reading the posts and seeing the pics on yours lol

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So far, my favorite picture of me with a cat is this one :


Sadly, the cat is no longer mine, since he has moved on to another one of his nine lives a few years ago, but I still love this picture!


Now, we have another cat, the lovely Chiepoo. He's two years old and he would be purrrfect if he hadn't such a love for tearing the curtains apart... Every time we leave home, we see him behind the window, waving goodbye, with his claws stuck in the thin fabric... oh well. He gives us so much more! When he has done something he shouldn't have, and I scold him, he rolls on the floor with such a look on his face that there's no way you can remain angry for long. That's the way of cats... I guess!

Here he is, playing tricks in a cardboard box while I hold the whole thing :



He also loves playing music, with the chimes being his instrument of choice. A little pawing, oh a nice noise! Then harder and harder... and he flees like a mad cat, scared by all the racket he creates.



Did I mention I love my Chiepoo? :blink:


Wanna see him when he was a baby-kitty? :blink:


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Not as many entries as my last cointest, so I put the schnauzer, random number generator back to work.




Congratulations to the Burgessfour! A Purr-fect Geo-Cat geocoin, mardi gras beads, and my new sig item will be on their way to you soon.


My thanks to all that participated, and left replies...it's nice to be able to put faces with names and avatars!


Coming soon, a very easy and quick cointest (or maybe not so easy or quick!)







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Oh, thank you so much! A ray of light............1 1/2 weeks ago my kitten got hit by a car and I have been spending so much time nurturing him back to health. His pelvis is broken in three places and so he is caged and being taken care of by me.

Thank you so much for this drneal, from both Nikos and myself :)

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Thank you all soooo much for your well wishes :blink:


We got the coin and your sig item drneal :D They made both of us very happy!




Both of us were in the cage :blink:

Nikos is looking good!

Hey Joe and Vic!

Yes, he is doing incredibly well (knock on wood)! I think it's all the well wishes and candles :P

They gave him slim odds, but he seems to be beating them..............

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