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I have seen a number of threads on these forums asking similar questions and a few attempts to average the answers.


It is a difficult thing to do, many accounts represent multiple cachers in a family or group all of varying ages. Income levels race across the spectrum as well. Broke unemployed folks with no car cache as well as well off retired folks.


Must admit - I have never seen any attempts at quantifying race though.

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The average geocacher is a married Caucasian male, 37.6 years old who makes $56,323 per year and has 1.1 children.


Hmmm - a moment of reflection regarding socioeconomic indicators, the state of the world economy, the need to boost self-guided tourism in Alaska, and Briansnat's observation - if made a recipient of an economic stimulus grant, it is likely (given the desire of the average geocacher) that the 1.1 children factor will not change. Rather, the geocacher will take the money and run - run further afield in search of caches lying more than a half-tank of gas away from their home. With a large enough grant, they'll go to Alaska to geocache. We need a grant writer!


Spend money - go north, 'cuz you ain't gettin' any younger, man.

Don't increase the burden on our already over-taxed public education system by having more children.

Get more smilies instead.

In Alaska.


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