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This past Saturday I was doing a few caches along a local Greenbelt with a friend. One of the caches has you CITO in the area and post a picture of you with your bag of trash at the trailhead sign. The area has been cleaned up pretty well, so most of what we picked up was actually right by the trash can in the parking lot! The cool part of the day, though, was when I looked down as we were walking and saw a small Pelican case (clear top, pink-ish bottom shell) laying open, full of dead leaves and water. There was no other trash in the area -- just that case. It appeared to have been there for quite a while, so I picked it up and carried it home.


That leads me to the title of this thread -- CITOCBI -- Cache In, Trash Out, Cache Back In. I am going to clean the case up, and if the seals are effective at keeping water out, the case will return to the woods (probably not those specific woods, as there are quite a few quality hides there already) for a new life as my 1st hide.


I think I'll encourage CITO as part of the theme to my hide to honor my discovery of the container.

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Just contacted the office that's over the area of land I want to use (it's some Corps of Engineers land), and they have no specific regulations regarding geocaching -- the area is open for use. There are not currently any caches there, so the 0.1 mile restriction will not be an issue. Time to start working on the container.....

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