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lookign for replacement gpsr

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I am a college student who loves geocaching but my gps stopped working and I do not have much money to replace it, aso the one I want is not even in stores. I am looking for a magellan explorist 500le, any help would be appreciated thank you. Please email me please if you can help, as this is my geocaching name as well

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I know we are all thinking this, so I'm just going to say it. For being a college student, your use of spelling, punctuation, and grammar SUCK! Try spelling out the word instead of using some abbreviation. Also, capitalize"I" and use periods!


I know we are all thinking this, so I'm just going to say it but without ending my sentence with a preposition. To what does "it" refer in your first sentence? Furthermore, a space is required between words unless they are hyphenated. I refer you to your inclusion of capitalize"I" in your sentence above where you failed to include a space between capitalize and I.


I wonder if my unhelpful attack on your grammar elicits a response from you similar to the response the original poster must have felt upon reading your reply to their inquiry.


He who lives in a glass house probably uses up a lot of Windex.

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Wow do I get ripped apart on my first post too?????

It is very possible welcome to the forums all I was looking for was maybe a kind person that had the gps I was looking for and I got ripped apart

Theres one here for $130 plus shipping. Sounds like a decent deal.

Hope you find something.

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Let's stay on topic here gang. This isn't the place for grammar attacks and banter on the right punctuation.


This thread is about somebody looking for a GPS, so let's keep our eye on the ball.


Thanks to those that have posted with help/direction thus far.




I will probably be selling an Explorist 500 with acceossories in the near future. Please PM so we can discuss.

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