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Teachers in Australia

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Hi! Maybe you could help me out or put me in contact with someone that can. My name is Larry Cooper. I am an elementary teacher near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania of the United States.

For a third grade class project, we would love to place our travel bug in a geocache in Australia. We would love this travel bug to move across your country so we can learn more about your beautiful country plus some world geography. If you can take pictures for us along its way, we would be grateful.

We would love to hear from any teacher or anyone that might want to help us out and we would reciprocate the idea for you or a class and place a travel bug sent to us.

Thank you from a fellow geocacher and teacher,



* You don't have to be a teacher to help me...I would appreciate any geocacher that would be willing to place a travel bug for us!

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I am happy to be sent a TB and place it in one of my caches in South Australia to start off its journey. I am not a teacher.


I enjoy helping students explore the world around them and have hosted a Flat Stanley who visited from USA


You can see his time with me at



You can send me an email at mundoochannel@yahoo.com.au if you are interested and I will give you my address details etc.

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looks like bundyrumandcoke have your bug off on a grand adventure.

i read about your class project- if you don't know about it there is a program called click2map.com which lets you organise the location of all your bugs on one map - and also each of the bugs can have a separate map with all past locations at a glance

it looks like you have to pay but on the 30 day trial sign up page it actually says

"After this date, you will be able to sign up for a paying plan (Silver, Gold, Platinum) or the free plan (Bronze)."

cheers Carolyn

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