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It is good to see that there is suddenly an initiative by a cacher to seed Gaberone with some caches - and a bunch of new caches in more remote areas by Team GBS.


I reckon it's time to have a topic or two on our "South African" forum about the neighbouring countries - as the caching communities are growing and we are becoming a more "southern" African community rather than just a single country.


I hope we see many more caches in the SADC countries - and a more active community. This will also hopefully allow a bit of a spot for info relevant to this country be posted and kept on the forum.

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As I spend quite a bit of time in Gabs, I decided to try and seed it with a few accessible caches as the old caches have pretty much disappeared. Hopefully it helps to spark some caching activity again. It would probably require a combined effort by a number of cachers to keep some momentum going and build up a more active local caching community. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a spare cache to maintain the Bull and Bush cache, which frankly is not well located and will just go missing again and ideally should be moved to a better spot.


I’ll try and look at other opportunities on my next trip, if time allows.


Reminds me of the early days in Gauteng when we had to gather the forces when there were only 20 caches around. It is a community sport, so requires a number of individuals to get involved, you can’t play by yourself. Some of the early Bots cachers have probably given up as there was limited activity. I couldn’t track down any. Wonder if Danie can check his database to track down any active Botswana Cachers.

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Wonder if Danie can check his database to track down any active Botswana Cachers.

There is no programmatic way to determine where cachers are from; the best I can do is to report where they were, in other words which caches they have found.

A total of 879 different cachers have logged 2416 finds on the 116 Botswana caches that I have in my database. The top finders are:

1. Team GBS	            47
2. The Huskies	            28
3. AndyT1	            26
   iPajero	            26
5. Henzz	            25
   battlerat and pussycat  25
   cownchicken	            25
8. Pompeyken	            19
9. RAINHUNTERS	            18
10. MiskiSanko	            17
   Mysteriosus	            17
   Steff110 and Britta	    17
   crockydile Horst	    17
14. Team Tip Top	    16
15. ElefantenKuh	    15
   Google Mama	            15
   PackScouter	            15
   TroopScouter	    15
19. Ogre GS	            14
20. Cherokee.za	            12
   Team Damenweb	    12
   Zagloba	            12
   cheetah2012	            12
   noname42	            12
   veltpap	            12

I recognize many of them as South African cachers, but you can maybe go through their profile pages to see if their home towns are listed.


The following cachers have logged the most Botswana caches in the past year:

cheetah2012	 12
veltpap	         12
Lacoru	         11
carkla	         11
Tini63	         10
DD_MAP	          9
Lily Wilson	  9
crockydile Horst  9

Edited by Danie Viljoen
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Thanks Danie


I had a look through the owners of current and archived caches, and from what I could gather none of the current active caches are owned by anyone resident in Botswana on a permanent basis. Many are owned by European and US cachers. Some of these folks may be/are working in Bots. Some of the archived caches were owned by what appeared to be local cachers but most of these cachers haven't logged onto the site for years.


I suspect for now, much of the caching activity in Botswana is due to tourists rather than local cachers.


Build it, they will come!

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