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walking poles for disabled


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I'm about to start geocaching, this is to get my son off the playbox, generate some outdoor interest for when we go camping and as physio for me.


A few years ago I had a bad RTA and have no ligaments in my knee and my left ankle is also paralysed and I was wondering if pair of walking poles would make things easier than a walking stick. I was thinking of something like the 'Hill Hiker' here http://www.alptech-outdoors.co.uk/


Are there any other disabled geocachers that can give me some advice?





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I'm not disabled but have used a walking pole. I just got the one that was available about 15 years ago lol but I think there are lots of different ones available now.


It would be worth you speaking to an expert perhaps to make sure you make the right investment to help you enjoy your time outdoors. I think that pairs of poles are definitely recommended to balance the load. We've had good advice from George Fisher in Keswick. You could call for a chat? They take things quite seriously. Alternatively do you still have contact with a physio who could advise.


There are different shaped handles as well as the shock absorbers etc to consider so you want to get whats right :-)



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Hi David - I am also disabled. For me it is a (formerly!) broken knee and pelvis - and I have very little cartilage in either knee, and a seriously damaged meniscus in the other. And oh- there is also the tendon in one ankle that popped in half...


Thus the name Gimpy.. :lol:


I use a cane to cache, but I can't do the hides that are up the sides of mountains. My cane is designed like the one third from the left (the black one) on the page you linked to. I couldn't play this game without using a cane.


Go for it! You'll never regret it. And yes - if you can talk with either an orthopedist or a physical therapist before investing that is a great idea. Don't hesitate to get out there and have fun.

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Cheers for all the advice, I'm going to try a few pole in the outdoor shop and see what works.




we have used sets of these poles for years due to injury and surgeries. They are wonderful it is like having 4 wheel drive when walking/hiking and in fact influence many friends to also buy them. You might want to check big box stores for them as we bought extra set as we were on a trip and really wanted to hit the trail in the quest of caches and couldn't believe how nice and cheap they were compaired to our first sets.

These are great for slippy slopes and takes away alot of the worry of falling even for those with good "wheels".

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