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A Pictoral Mapping Quiz


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The cache is Bix Bottom - St James Church ruins


The film was Blood on Satan's Claw


I've been watching "A History of Horror" too and knew the film clip as soon as you mentioned it, but couldn't remember the film, however I did remember seeing Michelle Dotrice in the clip, and a quick trawl of IMDB found the film, the locations used for it.


Got to go now, as "The Witchfinder Gedneral" has just started :D


Edit to add: I wonder if the car in the Google Maps picture above belonged to a cacher? Anybody recognise it?

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...I wonder if the car in the Google Maps picture above belonged to a cacher? Anybody recognise it?
I have parked about there, and I would have been driving my silver Alfa at the time. Which does have a sunroof... humm! For anyone following A History of Horror, the final episode is on BBC4 at 9pm tonight. Well worth a watch - Oh, DING! btw :sad:
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Is that The Lion's Mound (or "Lion's Hillock", "Butte du Lion" in French, "Leeuw van Waterloo" in Dutch), a large conical artificial hill raised on the battlefield of Waterloo to commemorate the location where William II of the Netherlands (the Prince of Orange) was knocked from his horse by a musket ball to the shoulder during the battle? The one that was ordered constructed in 1820 by his father, King William I of The Netherlands, and completed in 1826?

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