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A Pictoral Mapping Quiz


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Cult series made in mid 60's by and staring Patrick McGoohan after he finished with several years/seasons as 'Danger Man'. Supposedly what happens to character John Drake when he resigns from the Secret Service. Only ran for about 20 episodes. From what I recall ITC, ATV or whoever the money was behind it, decided to pull the plug, and McGoohan just wrapped it all up in a rushed final episode, which was well tripped out in surreal 60's style such as it is probably still argued as to what on earth it was all about.


The really worrying thing is that one of the US companies is supposed to be making a 'mini-series' of it this year!

<geek>Filmed 66/67, broadcast 67/68. 17 episodes and ITC's Lew Grade did pull its funding, resulting in a curious final couple of episodes, with the last one, Fall Out, being shot within hours of being written, overnight. I set a cache near the location, Portmeirion View, when I was there for a Prisoner convention to show a couple of my short spoof films based on the programme. The AMC remake series is due out later this year.</geek>


The Maggie clue swung it for me; that's GC17CXT Falkland Islands 2nd Albermarle Harbour. It's been on my watchlist, for no very good reason, for months.

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6 will do. :D

Now that the answer is known, can the numbers be explained as to the relevance to the location please?

The location is Portmeirion in north Wales. The TV series The Prisoner was filmed there. The lead character was No.6 although he did his best to deny that.

Thank you, can't say I have seen the series, is it any good?


Me and a friend once watched all 17 episodes in a one-off marathon. After 13 hours, the rather surreal final episode makes perfect sense (in no way whatsoever!!!)

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2 places immediately sprung to mind, not far from each other. Then I read the text properly. That's Aldermaston - Roman Spa GCXMXN.


Just a little surprised at how close some caches are!


The other place I thought was Greenham Common, as that's been converted to a business park.

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is that tintern abbey? I think thats the name of the one in the wye valley... Can't get cache details at moment, so I'll let someone else work that out if it is! (I also can't get on Google Earth until the weekend, so I don't actually want a ding anyway!)

Nope - quite a long way off I'm afraid. There IS a (slightly dodgy) clue in the original post. Another clue might be along if no-ones got it by tomorrow.

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Got to leave soon and I'll be without internet for a couple of days. I'll keep this one nice and easy(ish). To avoid any confusion, the caches name I'm after is related to the 2 main features in the pic :lol: You'll have to self ding this one I'm afraid.


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