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strategy with VGA resolution

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I use a Fusi Loox N560 with VGA resolution. The display shows the known broken lines. It is 100% unsusable.

Answer from Wherigo was very unsatisfactory and absolutly not helpful.

What is the strategy of Wherigo? They programs software and ask willing users if it works. in case of not working programs it is uninteresting for Wherigo. A very bad way i think.

We are a community with the same target, so we should get the same chance to achieve it. And mark - this is an ofiicial type of caches. I feel me here totally discriminated and spoofed.

Look at the files of the cab archive. The last modified dates are very old. It seems like no working and deploying the program.

I'm waiting since a year for a solution for the Loox N560 and nothing comes. I give up !!!

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Thanks for this good information. The Loox 560N is a WM5 device. So i believe, it does'nt work.

rgds Thomas

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