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Crocodile Gorge Hike - Nelspruit

Gps Storm

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:lol: We are currently toying with the idea of a mini-event to do the hike down the Crocodile Gorge.


The gorge is full of water at the moment so it might be a 30% swim, 70% hike down and thats the main reason why we want to do it now (before the gorge dries up for the winter).


All who have done the hike know that the 1.2km walk takes around 4 to 4½ hours, we would like to do the hike this time around exploring the gorge as we go, so if it takes 6 or 7 hours, so what?


One of the guys who will be joining us knows the gorge very well and has even camped in the gorge on occasion. He has found a Leopards lair that he has promised to show us, he is also an expert on Spiders and Snakes as that is why he spends most of his spare time in the gorge.


The only problem this time round is that Malcom (The owner of the farm) does not live there anymore so we don't know if there is camping, accommodation, facilities or water available on the farm at the moment.


We will find out more and depending on the reaction we get to this thread, will post more details about accommodation and dates soon. :lol:


If you don't know what we're talking about, go check out the following links:


Gorgeous Gorge 1


Gorgeous Gorge 2 :P

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Im in - FOR SURE!! :lol::P:P


I think this will be my 7th time down the gorge!! :D


:lol: Well Fish Eagle, I haven't quite got there yet, but I was hoping you would help me lead the group down the gorge and if theres enough people maybe even lead a separate group!!


You've done it so many times I wouldn't think of doing it with out you.


Plus, we need the trusty ol sani cache-mobile to help haul people back up to their cars again....Ha Ha!!!


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:blink: look's like not too many cachers out there have the guts to tackle a water, leopard and adventure filled Croc Gorge this time around!!! :anitongue:


Comon guy's we'd love to see you there!!


If all goes as planned there will also be a new earth cache to log along the hike.

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