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Cointest! "Discover Our World"


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First, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to discover our world. :)


opalsns, snowball 58, mar-elendili, Team Cedo, TeamAmaroo, GATOULIS, surteb, Burgessfour




Second, I am very impressed with those whose native tongue is not English.




and now onto the Drawing!


names on paper, folded up small, each an identical paper ball


placed inside my caching hat, shaken not stirred, it's best like that


held up high above my head, here's the moment that I dread


I wish you all could be the one, to make the draw and say "I Won!"


Vic makes the reach and draws a name, and reads the winner of this game


and the winner is...








please send your mailing address to my profile email :)


Again, Thanks to everyone who completed the contest, and for all of the nice words! :);)









OPA!! OPA!!.........OPA!! OPA!!



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Congratulations Gatoulis!


I will admit, I started looking for the answers for this contest but got distracted and was unable to finish all the questions. I did, however, enjoy reading about all the adventures of catsnfish, especially the story about how you found your kitty!

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I received something really really cool in the mail today! - or should I say it's the cat's pajamas? :D


But I'm not telling just yet - don't want to ruin any surprises! :)


Thank you catsnfish. Opa!



us too!!!!!!! VERY COOL!!!!





Me too! Thank you so much! OPA!

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As you all may have noticed, I forgot to include a note thanking everyone individually for Discovering Our World. Hopefully the last 2 to be surprised will get them soon.

We're anticipating another cache vacation/story soon and I might even finish the last story that was published :) so there maybe another cointest in a month or so.


until then...............OPA!! OPA!!

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