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Garmin Oregon 200 -- $241.60 On Amazon

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Ran across another deal today -- act fast, it may be gone by this evening.


This is the stripped model without the DEM shaded maps, wireless, compass and altimeter. Might be a good entry-level GPS for those who want a touch screen.


They also had some deals on Oregon and Colorado units with the inland lakes and coastal waterways maps if anyone needs them.

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Also without Garmin interface and the biggie, no speaker for autorouting to signal upcoming turns.




Are you thinking or a different model, perhaps?


Here is the poop from Garmin's website:


Find Fun


Oregon 200 supports Geocaching.com GPX files for downloading geocaches and details straight to your unit. No more manually entering coordinates and paper print outs! Simply upload the GPX file to your unit and start hunting for caches. Show off photos of your excursions with Oregon’s picture viewer. Slim and lightweight, Oregon is the perfect companion for all your outdoor pursuits.


What's in the Box:


* Oregon 200

* Lanyard

* USB cable

* Owner's manual on disk

* Quick start guide

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Also without Garmin interface and the biggie, no speaker for autorouting to signal upcoming turns.


What is the "Garmin interface" you mention?


No sound for autorouting doesn't bother me because I have a nuvi for the car.


They don't list sound on the specs, but I'm guessing it probably beeps like most modern GPSr units. The Colorado gives you beeps when you have an auto-routing map and a turn is coming up.

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Based on everything I've read the 200 DOES display 3-D and DEM shading with Topo2008 loaded from MapSource or sd card.


Where you might be confused is the basemap on the 200 that does not have the DEM that the basemap on the 300-400x has. BUT if you load maps with DEM information you will see the information.

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This is the stripped model without the DEM shaded maps...


Incorrect, see Oregon 200 thread


You CAN view 3D and DEM information on the 200. Just like the 300, you need to load Topo2008.


So it does not come with a shaded basemap, like other units. I never said it would not support them, only that they were not included.


In any case, still a good deal on an entry-level GPS with lots of features.

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What is NMEA used for? When would one use it?


Used for communicating data with third-party software and other units. I use it for real-time mapping while traveling...dynamic position display in Google Earth.




So this is the "wireless" feature?


Can the Oregon 200 do dynamic position display in Google Earth (or Mapsource) if it is plugged in to laptop using the usb?

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No, the wireless is altogether different. The NMEA and other I/O setting options are what allow you to communicate your real-time coords to Google Earth for real-time display...well, almost real time...usually a sec or two delay. 200 doesn't have this ability.

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