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Need recommendations on good caches in Tennessee


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I'm planning a day trip to Tennessee (we're coming out of Atlanta) for us to do some caching this weekend. I'd like to hit up a few caches that are in scenic, clever or in interesting places, light hiking involved is fine. Can anyone specifically recommend any particular caches?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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This one is connected to an interesting series north of Chattanooga:

GCT78C Sequoyah Spur “Terrace View”


There are some interesting caches around this one too, Ooltawah area:

GCKHY6 Tigger's Bouncin' off the Greenway


A couple good ones around here,

GC20B7 The Green Mile "Traditional Cache"


This is one of my favorites:

GCTAEQ Hippy Tree


If this one is not my favorite, it's right up there with it. West of Knoxville.

GCHMBH Nemo's Tomb


A careful PQ will reveal some great hides.

Most trips there I find something interesting.


Have Fun!!


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I'm still pretty new at this. What is a "pq"?

That is a pocket query. You can see some of that info here...




I also suggest using the Google Maps to look at some of the caches suggested and looking at what is nearby.



Zoom way out, then drag the map to TN, then zoom back in and drag around.


Moving this to the regional forum.

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