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TB & Coin Hogs/Thieves

Gps Storm

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:) We have 2 Trackables out there that have been in the hands of Geocachers since June 2008 & July 2008. We have tried to contact them, but have received no replies.


Does anyone out there in cacheland know or know where to get hold of "Vendits" & "Sneak"?


All we want is our trackables to be returned to circulation, thats all!!!


If you are also a victim to trackable hogs/Thieves, share your story here and name the culprit so that if someone out there knows them they might be able to help in getting contact details or getting the tracables back into circulation.


GPS Storm

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We always keep an eye open on any TB that is moved or placed by us. I have two that disappeared in Bloemfontein. It is no longer in the caches. These caches were never muggled so it was removed by someone. Please if you have the coin or TB please place it in a cache somewhere. It is not a collector’s item and has no value to anyone except the owner. Details below.


Kokoscoot's Finland Coin


Lighthouse Tag

I assume that Jack1809 moved the TB. If I am wrong please accept my apology. Details below.

Cache Logs

July 26, 2008 by Jack1809 (45 found)

found it took the travel bug will help it to Johannesburg next week

Nice and interesting cache

Left coin


July 9, 2008 by gerhardoosMPsa (650 found)

Before we moved in to find the cache we had to watch the ostriches in this area. I really would not like to argue with them about the cache. I then walked down to the cache while keeping an eye open for the ostriches; at the cache location I was startled when a “koedoe” appeared from nowhere. I was too close to him for my liking. But it was a good experience – only had to change my underpants. Thanks for bringing me here. I enjoyed it a lot and we will visit the area again in the future. Cache is in good condition and is very dry. SL.



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I recentlly watched as the Animaniacs TB was placed in it's starting cache a couple of months ago and I was proud to be the first to help it on it's way. It was picked up a few weeks afterwards by an "Islandsurfer" in whose hands it's remained ever since. Must be uber-frustrating for owners to have their bits go missing... :yikes:

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what happened to the warning message in your inventory when you had a TB for over 2 weeks? i remember that gc.com would show a red warning in the inventory when you had a TB for too long, is that still around?


Don't think that is still around, but they would not have seen that as they only did two caches and you actually have to look at your profile if it happens at all.


As mentioned it is a long shot that some one out there might know them!

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I dont have any coins/bugs but can understand the frustration that you feel.


It seems that there are cachers out there that set up floating email accounts like hotmail/gmail etc specifically for caching, that are not their primary email accounts and as a result if they stop caching or dont specifically use that email account regularly they dont see the messages. I have had this experience when trying to contact even the most active cachers.


Something I might try is to go back and see when the cacher first started placing logs - maybe/hopefully you will see in his logs that it was his first cache and he was introduced by a more experienced cacher. Try contact the experienced cacher that hopefully is still caching and explain your story. Although some people might find this offensive, desperate times call for.......... Also look at the logs directly before and after the offending cachers logs - you might notice that someone else logged that they were introducing a new person to caching or taking them on their first cache. You might even notice that this offending cacher did several caches on certain dates and so did another cacher - maybe they know each other or perhaps just coincidental but worth a bash.

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