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Stained Glass Light Catcher


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I know that people have talked about glass coins before and I think this is a good option.




This would use stained glass wrapped in copper foil with a loop at the top to hang it from in the window. These would be the size of most coins 1-1/2 or 2" in diameter. The glass would be etched with the geocaching logo and tracking numbers. These could most likely be worn as a necklace, though I'm not sure as to the weight.

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I think these would be better than just glass. If the glass broke, the lead came would hold most of it in place and it would be less of a hazard. I thought about just glass, but I like the safety of having the ring for protection.


If there is much interest I could remove the ring and drill a hole trough the glass. This would mean resubmitting my design to Bryan, but it could be done.

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Wow, Bryan is one fast frog. I submitted the design right after I posted it here and he has approved it, as stated in the 1st post.


If you are interested please post what color(s) you would be interested in and how many. As stained glass varies in colors try to state things as dark or light red, blue, green or whatever color. I'm looking at them costing $10 or less.

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I'm not trying to rain on the parade here ... the OP idea for a sun catcher is quite nice.

Stained glass is not body jewellery.


The chemicals used to solder are quite toxic: flux and lead solder.


I am a stained glass artist and have worked with both cane and foil. Both techniques involving soldering with flux and lead. In fact the lead content of solder for glass work is higher than the lead content in commercial use solder. Solder is comprised of lead / tin in ratios of 50/ 50 or 60% tin / 40% lead. The cane has even higher concentrations of lead. Lead makes the solder malleable and retain it's liquidity as you work with it.


For the OP. Foiling circles would be my choice for your frame rather than bendable cane. The cane you would use for this project is not rigid and is easily placed for framing but it's only soldered at the joints. The rest of the cane remains bendy bendy and for an item being handled not such a good choice.


Have you ever considered working with fused glass? No solder ...no flux ... no cane ... holes can be set in the design and it's safe to wear!


Good luck and the coin / catcher is a beauty.


Edited to add ....you could also chrome plate your batch of suncatchers after foiling. Again not body jewellery.

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Thanks Mystic and Nosnow,


When I was thinking of the design it was mainly as a window light catcher. I added the idea for a necklace after wards. Foil would be a better option. Totally forgot about fusing, until I visited the glass shop today. Only wish I had the money to by a kiln, though I'm sure I could buy time on theirs.

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