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Mapsource on a Atom Netbook?


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So is anyone running Garmin Mapsource on a Atom Netbook? What do you think? Fast enough? Screen big enough?


I have an Acer One with the Atom processor and have no problems what so ever. The screen size is small but you

can enlarge it with no problem. Shows a smaller area but larger print and features. Zeide

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Which maps did you install? I have an Asus EEE 901 as well, but my problem is that City Navigator insists on being installed onto the c: drive. Even if I select a different drive letter it still wants to install 2gb on c:

The problem is, that I do not have 2 gb available as the total size of c: is 4 only gigabytes.




I'm running Mapsource on my Asus EEEPC 901 with the Atom processor. No problems.



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