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Missing e-mails


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Why don't I get an e-mail when someone loggs my caches?

It could be that somehow your E-Mail server is sending the E-Mails you're missing to your spam folder. I know from personal experience that on Yahoo mail it's real easy to accidentally mark a message as spam when you are trying to just move the message to a folder and after that all E-Mail from the same address goes into the spam folder. So check there and if that is the case select the message that shouldn't be there and then click the button to unmark it as spam. Good luck! :laughing:

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Sometimes large email providers like MSN or Hotmail or Yahoo will throttle the rate at which they will accept Groundspeak emails or block them alltogether. Best bet is to try a free gmail email account. Many cachers report those work very well to get all you geocaching emails.


You do not have to click anything to receive notifications on your caches of new logs.

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