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Dreaming Spires / LG Camping In Oxfordshire events

Mad H@ter
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After much consideration we have decided that it will not be practical for us to organise our annual events, Dreaming Spires Cache Bash and Lets Go Camping In Oxfordshire. This decision has been a very hard one to make as we have enjoyed organising these and meeting up with old friends and making many more new ones. But with a move to Bristol looming heavily over our heads we have decided that we will just have way too much on our plates as it is. To everyone who was hoping to attend this event, please accept our apologies for any disappointment caused.


If anyone else would like to take up the challenge of organising either (or both) of these events, then please do, and we will give you all the support we can.


John & Sue


aka Mad H@ter & Muddy Legs

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I'd love to pick this up, unfortunately we also have so little time at the moment due to life restructure!


We would be really disappointed if this didn't happen and I'm sure we could offer support to anyone who wanted to take this up (please?)


ISTR last year there were over 100 people at the Dreaming Spires event. Surely between us we can sort something out?


i'd miss the raffle for a start!


Guys at the Bordering event this evening: This must be on the discussion list!

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