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What Was In THE CACHE Today! (cache and release coins)


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At the very least, you'll want to let the cache owner know to mark the current inventory of trackables to location "Unknown". This is something that the cache owner can do while they are listed on his cache (the coin owner can always mark an item unknown location).

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Well my total disappointment today was a cache listing an inventory of 11: andnot a single one in it. :-(

You can help out the coin and cache owner(s) by sending them notes and letting them know that the coin or trackable wasn't there. As a trackable owner I don't usually see the cache logs associated with my trackables. If I get a note, then I will mark my trackable missing. The cache owner is also able to mark trackables as missing.


Also, Eartha, our amazing moderator will mark trackables as missing if its been awhile that the trackable has been missing.


I would wish for the New Year that we go on a campaign to clean up cache inventories!! :ph34r:

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Well my total disappointment today was a cache listing an inventory of 11: andnot a single one in it. :-(


Yep.... been there before. Sometimes it helps to check the coin logs online to see if they have been placed there recently. That will normally help in figuring if they are really there or not.

Last one logged in was Dec 18; and no cache finds in between.

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I found these this weekend while out with friends on the OK land run... it was nice to see these 'live' and well out in the wild!

This is the 2006 Trash in/out coin... very cool.



This is the Sun micro... WOW, those were small tracking numbers, but a cute coin.



This was the favorite of the day, but I am a teacher so I might be biased.



A very cool and good looking 'phone' coin... the photo didn't do it justice.


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