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What Was In THE CACHE Today! (cache and release coins)


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Well I got out yesterday before all the thunderstorms etc. and found this one in a cache




It had gone further north then its mission stated, we'll see what we can do about getting it on track


We are in pa maybe we can help where dose it need to go ?


Ahh thanks Merchlinskys I placed the coin into a cache in Toronto (figure it will get picked by a visitor to the city maybe one thats going or returning to the US).

BTW it mission is to go to Meadville, I was in Dubois in June :rolleyes: wouldn't you know it.

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So by the last post you figured out I dropped the coin right :D

but we were in Toronto to attend a Moody Blues concert (one of my all time fav's) and it was a beautiful summer night, hated to waste it waiting in line to get in - off we go caching - here's what we found when we dropped the other :D




and the mission is a great one too :D oh the concert :wub::D:D:D:D (5/5)

hey does that count for 5/5 for cachin as well :rolleyes:

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Here is a picture of the coins we found in caches today.






Thats right, no picture. Three caches found with coins listed in them and no coins actually found.


Will have some pics of recent coin finds soon.


That happens A LOT, but we're happy to hear stories and see pictures of those "survivors" still out there and moving around!!! We hope you'll post your 'I Still Here" pictures soon.

Take care! Savoy

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I have been lucky to have a few coins gifted or adopted to me through the Todie's Wild Ride campaign (please see that thread...it's AMAZING), and have had a lot of fun watching them move around and spread their messages. Well, today, a first!


One of the coins that was released by Rockin' Roddy and geopigs on my behalf has found its way to me! That was really kind of exciting to know that this coin was given to me as a kind gesture, and then travelled 2200 miles through caches in 6 different states, and landed in my hands!


Thanx to everyone for the fun!!


I'll try to add pics soon...

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That's cool SgtMikal. We have not had any make it this way. Would like to show a few coins but no luck on a recent caching trip. Seven listed trackables and none were found in the caches we visited. Even worse, we have had 2 caches of ours go missing in the last month.



Hope to find some coins so we can post some pics soon.

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It's been a long time since finding a coin in a cache that I had forgot about this neat thread :(

Found this coin a couple of weeks ago, as you can see it does have a special mission so to find a good one to drop into was going to take some research, got into a cache today that was part of or close to the path of soldiers walking, more like clearing, to establish a British Naval post on Lake Huron (Georgain Bay) during the War of 1812 :)



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Found this one yesterday... the back says "He who steals this coin shall be cursed... he who passes this coin shall be rewarded.


Well... I will have to post it later because the image upload system is down for maintenance. Sorry


Sounds like a neat Pirate coin! Be sure to post the picture of it when you get a chance... we'd love to see which one this is!


Maybe 'this one'?


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Thanks goosfraba1 for bringing this thread back. Was thinking about this one recently mostly all the caches that we visit with coins and travel bugs listed in the inventory that are not in the cache. On a recent trip to Orlando we visited 6 caches that had a total of 38 trackable items listed in inventory and only found 2 actual items.


Here are some coins that we actually did find in caches in the last few months:




My link

The middle coin is from GATOULIS


My link

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I know that it really is a rarity to find a trackable.... I just try to keep watch for caches near my home and swap out trackables when I can. I wish that there was a way to "earn" rights to clean up a cache page that shows trackables that are not in the cache.... but I also realize that these rights would be abused by somebody in the community <_<


Anywho..... any other coins found in the caches recently?

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Found a geogem today... never seen one before.... and yes I just pulled up a thread that has been abandoned for a year.




(and yes I just stole a picture instead of taking one of my own... I know I'm lazy... bad zach.... bad.)


I have a clear one of these that I use to log mileage of our caching adventures. They aren't too expensive, but after having my first coin go missing after it's first move last year, I'm leary of releasing anything else right now.

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Thank you for bumping this one up. I was thinking about this thread a few days ago and just now noticed it had been grabbed from location unknown and dusted off.


I found my first World Traveler coin in a California cache soon before leaving on vacation. It was the blue version. I dropped it in a Virginia geocache during our trip. Then on the final geocache find of our vacation, I unexpectedly found a green World Traveler to bring home with me (it hadn't been logged into the cache yet, when found). Both are well-traveled coins at over 10,000 miles each. And both have now moved well away from where we parted.

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very cool.... and I thought this was beginning to be my own personal thread :laughing:


Want it back now? :laughing: Frankly, I am tired of hearing what seems to be the prevalent forum voice that there are few trackables out there. I have moved or discovered 300 TBs and 230 or more wild geocoins (wild = not proxies, from collections, personal items/nametags) in 3.5 years. It can't be attributed just to overwhelmingly good karma. At least I don't believe so! :unsure:

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