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Where is the best place to buy Geo coins in Canada?


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If you mean buy as in just buy a couple for keeps or trading, I can only speak for the couple I have bought from 3geeks and the many I have bought from Landsharkz. Both make quality coins. Knowing Helen and Chris at Landsharkz, I am certainly a big fan of their work. All of their coins are top notch.


If you are referring to ordering custom coins to be made to your specs, again, our experience with Landsharkz could not be beat for certain. Chris is an amazing designer/artist and the two of them just simply run a quality business and are a pleasure to deal with. Our CREW coin was a huge hit and I still get requests for coins (though we sold out long ago).


At the end of the day, if you just like collecting, there are a bunch of designers out there that do great work. It really depends on what you are looking for. eBay is another great source for coins believe it or not.

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I would say the my highest recommendation IS for Landsharkz; to be fair I've not "tried many others" but frankly, I've never wanted to! There are obviously other great suppliers, but for selection and customer satisfaction *in my opinion*.... Landsharkz. Even going to the website is easy!


Not only have I only ever received impeccably minted geocoins, they have a large amount of Canadiana designs to chose from (which may be relevant seeing as you are asking about Canadian suppliers).


Landsharkz also design and manufacture their own products; they aren't simply a "packager-and-sender". Their website has very clear pictures of their work - just take a look at their gallery and see how many geocoins they make for other people (the ones that say "Only Available From...."). If folks in the UK are getting Landsharkz to do their geocoins... it's pretty clear they are doing something well!!!!!!


If you are looking for geocoins to release "into the wild" then you have the option to buy smaller geocoins in "multiples" and save a few dollars. I was thrilled to be so welcomed when I made appointment to visit "Chez Landsharkz" when I was in Victoria.


I have purchased geocoins "over the border" and I've not been "hugely dissatisfied" with that approach yet (other than the mystery charges that sometimes arrive with US sourced items) .. but I've been MORE than satisfied with Landsharkz. I am not un-recommending others (I've bought some TB's from CachersToyBox in Ontario also and I've heard great things about 3geeks!) but that's where I'd start!

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. Out here on the West coast I prefer World Caching and Landsharkz.


Are those online stores or actual walk - in businesses in the lower mainland ?


World caching is an online store. However you can make arrangements to pickup at their location saving on shipping. Just contact them through their website email.



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. Out here on the West coast I prefer World Caching and Landsharkz.


Are those online stores or actual walk - in businesses?


It's almost walk-in here. We are settled in our new office and are open Monday to Friday 9-5. It's best to call or e-mail so we know to listen for the door (or the dog advising you're at the door).


We prefer to make appointments to talk design, but we don't need much notice for you to drop by otherwise.


Mike, we aren't updating our coin gallery right now because it's going to become redundant with our new site. You can see everything we carry on our geocoin sale page though. Newest stuff is usually at the top. Right now there is a new Sharkz 09 in the works, along with some others that we aren't at liberty to disclose yet.

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