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Lady Cachers? How many are out there? Is this a guy centric hobby?


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This thread is getting funny...


HI - Im a female and I CACHE...


OK, maybe it is just me and I am up too late. ;+)


I am though (a female, and not just up too late), and I do, and solo mostly so far, besides the few days of rounding up some friends willing to try it (who are now researching buying their own GPS because we had so much fun).


I will say though that I almost always take the dog, and when I finally get to geocaching outside the city limits I will be glad to have him along, it just feels safer that way as a single woman out in the woods and during those late night city hunts.


Truthfully I hope the odds ARE in our favor; it would be nice to actually meet someone doing this! Maybe that was the underlying question of the original poster - how many women are doing this while hoping they run into some like-minded soulmate? I would bet that single women that do enjoy Geocaching have a few things in common, and those same things might make us attractive to other geocachers, just as anyone engaged in like-minded activities have things in common, yes? Who knows, maybe Geocaching will become the next big singles activity! At least there is a focus and easy redirection for those awkward silences!


But alas, Geocachers may be different too; it IS all about the Geo Joy! The thrill of the find is unmistakeable and oh so addicting... ;+)


And another thing: I think I have been so worried everyone around me is a muggle that if my soulmate was standing right next to me I would never know it! The price of stealth in the city I suppose.


OK, enough grist for the mill, and time to log off anyway.

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