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Extra-credits for hiders


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Since there's no 'score', what difference would 'extra credit' make?


Everyone of us will "profit" if we have some kind of recognition of those good hiders, quality hiders...

Maybe one day we could have a game without LPC every 160m... maybe one day we know where all the lame caches are, without having to bump with one of those.


All of our 27 caches are carefully prepared... thats the only way we know, respecting the game... not just throwing film canisters (as a matter of fact, we only use them as stages of multis).


I've lived in 2 counties and 3 states (one of those states twice) since I started geocaching and I've found that the one thing that has the biggest effect on the overall quality of caches in the area is an active local geocaching club. If you want to have an impact on the quality of caches in your area I'd suggest either joining or starting a geocaching club in your area.

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ruidealmeida, I see that you are new to geocaching. Welcome!

I've learned that reading log entries can tell you a lot about caches. If you see a lot of one line log entries those are caches to be wary of. If you see a lot of acronyms like TFTC and not much else those are caches to avoid.


I (we) appreciate your kind reception... nevertheless we've been around since May of 2007... 876 caches found and 27 hidings.


Our profile: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=e6...36-cb8fee89fbaa

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I am much more interested in quality than quantity - I'd rather a cacher not hide than to spew uninspired garbage. It takes more time to thoughtfully plan and execute an epic hide, but when I find one, I know it was worth the wait.


I'll probably be banned for life from all the frog sites for mentioning an alternative. Terracaching is a place you may be interested in. I've had a cache that has been hidden for over a year with no finders yet. The site is based around a point system for both the hiders and seekers. This encourages the sport to be more about the hunt and quality caches. There are some easy drive-by-caches in some areas to jump start interest. Most of the caches are well thought out though.


Best wishes,


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