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FREE: Wilderness First Aid Books

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I'm a geocacher who used to be (and still sorta is) a rock climber who also used to be a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician. Back in 1995 I wrote a first aid book geared towards rocks climbers, but in all honesty, more for everybody who plays outdoors. The book is well illustrated, got good reviews from my friends and family ( :( ), and, most importantly, is printer on waterproof, tear resistant paper! This book would be a great companion on any geocaching trip.


A few years ago when my publisher went out of business, I bought up the remaining inventory of books. I was able to give away quite a few of them to organizations like search and rescue and some Boy Scout troops. As I was going through my garage the other day, I came across another box of about 40 books. I want to give those away as well.


If you are interested in getting a free copy of this book for yourself or your organization, head over to http://www.outdoor-resources.com/cfa.html and check out the details. The only "string" attached to this giveaway is that I'd like a donation of about $3.00 to cover shipping. The book has a cover price of $29.95, so this seems more than fair to me. If you really, really want a copy of the book, but cannot afford it, contact me and we can work something out. If you want to donate more to help cover other people, that's cool as well...some people have already done that.


If you have any questions, post them here, or contact me on Twitter (GoNorthWest). I'm hoping to give away all the books I have left, so please take a look at the web site : http://www.outdoor-resources.com/cfa.html




GoNorthWest (Mark)

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Glad you like the book...I honestly hope you never have to use it! Stay safe!


I received the books a couple days ago. They arrived fast, and in great shape. After perusing the book, I think it will make a great, and permanent, addition to my caching bag. Many thanks again for making these available to the geocaching community...you're a Great American!

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Yes! Got my book today. It looks like the post office bashed it up a little bit, but in spite of this the book seems durable. It's also small and lightweight. I flipped through it a little bit and it looks like it has some very good info. Thanks again!

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