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Trading caches

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Recently on my regional caching site, a cacher suggested the idea of trading caches. The idea being that two cache owners would literally trade ownership of one of their caches. Owner A with cache A and owner B with cache B would trade so that owner A now owns cache B and owner B owns cache A. The idea being a new way to get local cachers out to areas that they have already cleaned out for finds.


Once the caches have been traded, the new owner could then either upgrade, or move the cache slightly, giving the previous owner, a chance to "find" what used to be his own cache.


The idea sprang from local cachers who have done most of the local trails and are looking for more caches in the local area to find but with a lack of new caches popping up. If cacher A and B had both hidden a bunch of caches on trail A, and both went out and found all of the caches, they would likely not return to any of those caches except for any that required maintenance.


If they did a trade of their caches along the route, it may inspire them to go back to that trail, and re-find what used to be their own caches since they now belonged to a new owner, and thusly may have been moved or changed slightly.


Point being, is there anyway within the GC.com system for two owners to swap ownership of caches?

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All that you're talking about is adopting someone else's caches; this happens all the time. In your case, Owner A adopts cache B and Owner B adopts cache A.


But if you're just doing it so you can get another smilie, why not just log a find on your own cache? I don't agree with it either, but it wouldn't be the first time I've seen that done. If you just want a reason to go back to the same place you've already been, how about doing a maintenance run on your caches and/or going to read the log book in other's caches. I like reading what other people write in the book.


For me, if the area isn't worth going back to just to be there, then it probably wasn't worth having a cache there in the first place.

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As I expected, the point I was trying to make was completely missed. I did however get an answer about how the adoption thing works. Thanks for the link.

No, we got it. You were looking for a way to log a find to your own cache without looking lame. "Oh, I've found a cache 8 inches away from where I originally hide it before I transferred ownership to someone else!"


Just you and your buddy archive both your caches, and put out new ones in completely different areas, and you won't have to worry about looking lame.

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I agree with the other posters. Just because Cacher A and Cacher B have hidden all the caches in an area and have found all of those caches doesn't mean that other people are not enjoying the area. I have an area where I live that I have found all of the caches and have placed a few. I still walk that area with my dog because it is an area that I like to visit, not just because there are caches there for me to find. As I walk my dog I check my caches to see if they are ok.


I will also check on other peoples caches in the area if they are receiving a lot of DNF's, since I have already found them. I will then post a note confirming whether or not the cache is ok for the owner. If a cache is archived in that area I will try and set up a new one but I do not agree with swapping out caches just to get a smiley. I agree with the others in that the better idea would be to archive it and place a new one. Just swapping the cache does not allow "other cachers" that have found those caches the opportunity to find it and log it as a "new" cache because as others had mentioned the GC# will still be the same.


This swap or adoption that you mention only benefits Cacher A and Cacher B. It does not allow others to visit the area that you so much enjoy.

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I could be wrong, but I think that youse guys jumping on Zor understand what the adoption process will achieve (ie, almost nothing - except maybe a smiley for the former owner) but that Zor himself misunderstands it. Ie, it reads to me that he's thinking that the adoption will create new finds for all the local cachers. It won't, because the listings will retain their original gcxxxx. But that will become apparent to the cache swappers once they try it.

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