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Lock&Lock containers


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I was wondering if anyone has ever tried these as Cache containers before, and could let me know what sort of success they've had.




My local Target sells these, and they're not expensive (usually no more than $5 for even the rather large ones)


What made them look so nice to me is that they

-Come in many sizes

-Have snapping clamps on all 4 sides

-Have rubber lining around the inside rim of the container


They claim on the labeling that they're air-tight and water-tight. They could probably be covered in camo tape to make them harder to spot, and there's a clear window on top, where you could make a simple label with the name of the cache, and tape it to the inside of the lid, if you don't have any fancy "official gamepiece" stickers to slap on it.


Once again, I'm not trying to advertise these containers or anything, I was just wondering if anyone's ever tried using them before for their Caches.


-The Carlz0r


You need to find some more caches before you even consider hiding one. You've only found 3.... I mean, if you had cached at all, you would know that lock and locks are extremely popular (definitely top 3 with ammo cans and bison tubes). Before you hide a cache, you should at least have enough finds to have seen a lock and lock, because they are quite common.

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