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Transferring Data for multiple units

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I have 15 Gps units to use with my students and want to be able to transfer data two ways.


1. Upload waypoints to the units: I have been told to use Trips and Waypoints manager for this one


2. Download tracks and waypoints to a free map source such as Google Maps


I've tried working with GPS Babel, but haven't had much success yet. It may be that I just need to work more on figuring that one out. Any suggestions?

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Don't get discouraged... it takes come practice :(

I use geobuddy... the free version, EasyGPS will let you save sets of data and upload/download them quickly.

I have a set of eTrex, and then Explorests which i use with my classes... yet I can just use the one application (easyGPD or GPSbuddy) to manage the units (I usually use 5 - 10 units with a class).


Take care! Sav

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If you are using Garmin units, you might want to think about getting MapSource Topo USA. We use it in Virginia State Parks to set up activities on one unit, then we upload the waypoints to MapSource. Once the waypoints are on MapSource you can easily edit them (usually just giving the new names...we have a naming convention that helps us keep the games straight) then it only takes about 5 minutes to load up 10 GPS units with the waypoints we want to use.


If you would like more information, we developed a training manual on this stuff that I would be glad to send you. Contact me at my work email: chuck.wyatt@dcr.virginia.gov

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I sucked the tracks and GCC downloaded waypoints out of the Garmin GPS into the std Waypoints manager


made up some routes and stuff

and put the routes back

and plugged in the other Garmin GPS and did it again.


you need the id and serial to unlock maps

the waypoint mgr isn't checking for licensing. just the presence of the USB GPS

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