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Private profiles?


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That is called a dodge.


So basically you have *** and dodged.


***= quibble,ing,ed


No, this is NOT a dodge. The status quo has existed for a very long time. Apparently the vast majority of players are happy with the status quo. Nothing should be changed, simply for change. That would bring about chaos. A valid reason must be articulated as a REASON FOR THE CHANGE, to bring it to fruition. For you to claim that there must be a valid reason (other than what has been proven already) to maintain the status quo, is to participate in said "dodge".

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i've always been under the impression that you profile page (here and everywhere else) is what you are presenting as your public face.


for your private consideration, you have your "my account" page.


your profile page can be as bleak and devoid of information as you want it to be. if you do not wish others to see such basic information as your cache finds, don't log online. you can keep the database of your finds for private use in GSAK or some other such thing. some people even have notebooks.


there's no reason to have a public profile that you decide to keep hidden. it's so goofy that i'm at a loss for a cute simile.

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