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I just need to make a trip to the O.S. to complete it.


Good thing you already have the A.P.E. cache - looks like some bad news for the tunnel for the time being. :unsure: Geocachers will have to hike to the cache for a while instead of going through the nifty tunnel.


I finally completed the "PNW Hat Trick" last May. :laughing:

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If it's archived, then nobody can visit it, so why bother commemorating it?


I was thinking of making a road trip to the northwest in a couple months since the GPS Adventures Exhibit will be on the west coast for the first and only time, all three of those caches were actually on my list to visit and it would make sense to buy that coin afterward, but if I can't visit the HQ, then there's no point in the coin. I'm very disappointed to learn that I can't do the HQ...

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You actually can do the headquarters. Send an e-mail to contact@geocaching.com to get the true coordinates.


I think it has been archived since day one. I don't know if it works or not but my guess is that it keeps request to visit down to a manageable number. If everyone came to headquarters in a rush they would never get any work done.

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I'm sorry but there is only 1 sales thread per coin, this one will have to be merged with the Landsharkz thread :(;)

tsun, you are mischievous, an imp! I thought it and you said it - high fives! :) . It's amazing what that rascal Frog gets away with :(


We finally completed the GeoTriad (or PNW Hat Trick :D ). We told ourselves we weren't going to start the coin design until we'd achieved it! We did it slowly in 3 visits - that's the long way I guess. We hiked the Tunnel and found the APE cache with our good friend Whitebear at the beginning of our road trip to Boise, Twin Falls, SLC, etc in August 2007. We visited GSHQ later the same summer (via our sailboat SV Jolie) and then we visited the Original Stash on our anniversary weekend caching trip last October 2008. For anyone who hasn't been caching in the PNW and is wondering if it's worth the trip, wonder no more - it's worth every minute! Plus... if you've got a current passport, you're a short ferry trip from Victoria, BC :lol: .

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I am wondering how you even get the special invite. Also, what is the Original STash and Mission 9? Is the Original Stash a cache? I think and I'm pretty sure the Mission 9 is a cache but don't know about the Original Stash.


The special invite is acheived by e-mailing Groundspeak and requesting one from what I have been led to believe. The Original Stash is the first geocache that was ever placed, GCGV0P. Mission 9 (GC1169) is one of the two remaining Project A.P.E. caches that was placed in conjunction with the Planet of the Apes movie. The only other one that is still active is in Brazil. Hope this helps some!



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