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Night Caches & Ammocans

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Are there any (true) night caches in South Africa? I'm toying with the idea of placing one in Stellenbosch when I get back.


Also, do some SA caches use ammocans as containers? I haven't seen any in the time I was caching in SA - are they even available for sale? Over here in the Netherlands there are plenty of them, and they're easily available as well. I'd like to get a few and take them back to SA, but maybe there are issues regarding that? I wouldn't be surprised...


I went shopping for ammocans today, and saw one of the giants that was used as the start for that Great TB Race - see a picture at http://tbrace.wordpress.com/. It's pretty impressive in 3D!

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Also interested in night caches. Wrote off to try and get a permit for a night cache in one of the cape forests (which all close at 6pm) but was declined. TMNR has decided against night caching. I do have a plan for a driving night cache, but its not hidden yet. (And perhaps one in a graveyard).

I have found only one ammo cache container in Cape Town.

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I just found a place here in Johannesburg (Randburg) that is selling Ammo boxes for R49.00 a piece.

I have ordered 5, and hope to go and pick them up sometime this coming week.


Web Site






That's fantastic! The same ammocans go for around 8 euros here, 10 Euros for the bigger one and 15 euros for the MONSTER.


Problem with night caches is safety? I wish you luck and hope you find a good spot. Perhaps a mall rooftop carpark will make a good location?


Safety is my main concern - my current idea is to make one that follows the University of Stellenbosch Green Route, which is safe enough. The tricky bit will be the cache itself in that environment - a micro would be ideal, but I've vowed never to place another micro, ever. (;

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That's fantastic! The same ammocans go for around 8 euros here, 10 Euros for the bigger one and 15 euros for the MONSTER.


Just got home with my new treasure boxes. I see they all have "LOT 004" written on them, so someone, somewhere bought them in bulk, I suppose for like R10.00 a piece. Anyways I am very happy with the purchase.

I am not sure how to upload pics, otherwise I would have added one of how one looks.


The chap where I picked them up from, said a few more people have also ordered some.

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Hi Besem


Finally managed to get an idea for a night cache! It is now up and running.


Fish Eagle tells me that it is the first in SA that he is aware of. It is a true night cache in that it would be almost impossible to do during the day. Seems that those that have found it have had fun.


Nice! I'll have to check it out when I'm back in the country. I did my first nightcache here in the Netherlands on Friday - it was a lot of fun, and a little spooky as well, walking through the dark forest at night.

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