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who should log a find when caching as a team?


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I'm a true newbe. I have been attracted to geocaching for several years and have finally found the time and resources to get started. My girlfriend and I will soon be going out to find our first cache (Ordered a GPS and it's in the mail now). My question is about logging finds. We will be going out and geocaching together as a team but have both created user accounts. Is it ok for both of us to log the find (or DNF) independently, or should only one of us make the entry? I couldnt find anything specific on the subject and wanted to know what the general rule is.




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You can each log a find, then create accounts for your dog, cat, and car, then log finds for each of them (assuming they signed the paper log). "Found It" logs are only for the purpose of personal record keeping. Plus they let the owner and future cachers know that on the date of your log the cache was there.

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You can log however you like; just make a reference to it in your web log.


I cache with 3-4 other cachers on Thursday evenings. We usually have thee dogs, each with their own caching accouts. We sign the log book as the Dawg Team which may be a cache name for someone, but not one of us. In our online logs we will indicate we signed the log as such.

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Both of you log it.


I think the only issue would be if you two were the first to find a cache; in that case, which ever of you found it first would get credit for the FTF

My husband and I usually "share" FTF if we manage to achieve that (It is a team effort after all--he drives, I navigate, he reaches the tall stuff, I go in after the low stuff, he signs, I replace, etc)...not that it really matters, anyway. We do mention in the logs which one of us really was the first to spot the cache.


There have been a couple of times when we spotted the cache at the exact same moment --so it's probably a good thing we are that competitive with each other.

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