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Garmin 60Csx

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Yes there is a limit to the "nearest" searches. I think the radius is 150 miles but I"m not positive. You can go to the map page and pan to where your caches are located, then do a "find nearest". The search uses the center of the map, even when panned, as the starting location.

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When I ask my Garmin to "Find Nearest" Geocache, it says 'none found', but when I say 'search by name', it shows me 500 caches. The nearest is over 100 miles away. I can't find anything in the manual, but to 'find nearest', is there a limit on how far away it can be?


The "Nearest Caches" only go out up to 50 miles - I Think.. It could be more.

If you have 500 caches located in CA and your in GA - you won't see any "nearest caches", but you will see all of them when searched by name.

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