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Custom maps for memory map.

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I know it is possible to create and calibrate your own maps for memory map using the European version of MM and I have read elsewhere in these forums that google maps can be used for this purpose.


I was hoping someone would be able to explain how this is done in and if google maps are are the best place to start or would OSM be better.


Thanks in advance.

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If you have MM Navigator (often caled MM Europe) then the instructions are there and easy to follow.


I'd recommend using OS maps rather than Google maps as you get all the extra info. Scanning in and calibrating paper maps is a bit of a PITA to be honest. If Google maps is as good as you want/need then you would be better getting a data plan for a mobile phone that will display them instead.

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It's a bit of a PITA, as mentioned, but once you get a workflow going it's not too bad. If you're not going to need a huge area it's quite feasible.


To make your own you need MM Navigator and a scanner, and a paper map. MM Navigator has instructions. You also need a method of finding the coordinates of various calibration points; I use Google Earth normally. You don't need to be accurate to within a few feet; an indication within 50m or so is good enough for caching.

With a bit of care the results are as good as the original MM maps; I've used the 1:50000 German maps like this. You might need to experiment to get the resolution ideal.


Instead of scanning, you can use anything from an internet screen by copying and pasting into photo/drawing software and saving the resulting file, then calibrate as for the scanned version.

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I've had a lot of success making MM maps using google maps. I use google earth to get a 'rough' calibration and then download a loc file (doesn't count as a PQ) for the area in question and use the small map at the bottom of the cache page to do the 'proper' calibration.


As HH says once you get the hang of it it's quite easy and accurate too, big plus it's free! The one I've done for Adelaide is accurate as far as I can tell to a street width.



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I also have had a lot of fun scanning and geo-locating paper maps with MM, and then copying the result to my 'Road Angel' gps unit which runs a scaled down version of memory-map.

The 9inch to the mile 1888 map of london makes finding caches much more challenging!



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